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Kate Fagan - "Waiting For tthe Crisis" - 7"
Redemer - "Pee You/The Pits" - Recombant Chaoscillation [Bandcamp]
Gays in the Military - "I Hate That Jam" - Meat Gazers
Loto Ball Show - "I Say No" - Split 7" with Paleface Destroyers
Hot Garbage - "Frankie's Dream Machine (excerpt)" - Unreleased Split LP with House that Gloria Vanderbuilt [Bandcamp]
Ga'an - "Black Equis (excerpt)" - Live at the Empty Bottle 1.24.11
Frank Rosally's Viscous - "Withdraw From My Quarters in Haste!" - s/t [Bandcamp]
Zeek Sheck - "Hotel California (excerpt)" - I Love You
Monitor Radio - "Halloween" - 7" [On my DJ premium, Chicago Grotesque!]
Paper Mice - "Banking Up the Wrong Tree" - Live at the Empty Bottle 7.20.12 [also on the premium!]
Scissor Girls - "Dedication to Cronies and Goats" - Live at Fat Day House [One of my favorite bands. Another song from this never-in-print session appears on my DJ premium, Chicago Grotesque.]
Blitzoids - "No Time" - Stealing From Helpless Children
The Bird Names - "A New Map for Kissing" - On Opaque Things
Cheer-Accident - "The Family Business" - Enduring the American Dream [featurd on the Chicago Grotesque premium! Pledge $75 whoppers or more!]
Lord of The Yum Yum - "Hornpipe" - Yum Musique
Many Moods of Marlon Magas - "(Open Up) The Crab" - Split 7" with Mr. Velocity Hopkins [featured on the Chicago Grotesque premium!]
Black Bear Combo - "Rhumba" - s/t
Math - "Robot" - Live at the Empty Bottle 1994 [From the Jeff Day archives. Math appears on the Chicago Grotesque premium.]

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