Defeatedly Slumped from Dec 12, 2012


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Paper Mice - "Swine Flu Suits" - The Funny Papers
Wishgift - "Pillow Talk is Trash Talk" - Folk Twain [Bandcamp]
I Love You - "How to Conquer a Nation Behind the Wheel of a Shriner's Cart" - Feeling Bad to Feel Better [Bandcamp]
Microwaves - "Cram the Sailor" - Attack Decay Sustain Release [Bandcamp]
The Fall - "Shake Off" - The Marshall Suite
Alan Vega - "Crime Street Spree" - Live at WFMU's Free Music Series [Free Music Archive]
Head Cheese - "Jungle Jam" - v/a: Atomic Shockwaves Vol. 17
Gelbart - "Mass Hypnosis by Magnets" - Mass Hypnosis by Proxy [Bandcamp]
Trygve Gundersen - "Eatmaniac" - Commodore 64 music
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - "Comb Parade" - Happy as Pitch
Dieter Kaufman - "Wiener Werkel" - v/a: Elektronische Musik 1
Yowie - "Shriners Sure Do Cuss a Lot" - Damning with Faint Praise
Meta-Matics - "John Brown, For Example" - Complete Discography [Free Music Archive]

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