Dollars for Gibberish from Feb 20, 2012


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frogs, geese and goblins
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - "Pam in the Bone Room with Chickens"
Douglas Quinn - "Weddell Seals" - Antarctica
Nate Young - "Dread" - Regression
Makigami Koichi - "Mukuge" - Kuchinoha
cackling witches
Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries - "Pizzacato Polka" - Canary Training Record
kooks speaking in tongues
Nick the Bard - "Dead Skin Mask" - Nick the Bard Sing on Kenny G's show
donkeys and turkeys
Dr. Kaufman Examines a Patient
Alan Gillette - "Personality"
unknown - "Daddy Had a Horse Show and Nobody Came"
Mark E. Smith - "Modernity" - Post-Nearly Man
Bernie Green - "Concerto for Calliope" - Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand
Gardenella - "Stuuuuuuf" - Gardenella
Guide to Sexual Pleasure - "Personal Hygiene"
Gloria Ann Taylor - "Deep Inside You" - 12"

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