Flies Upon My Lips from Mar 21, 2011


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Cyanamid - "Stop the World" - 7"
End Result - "Better Half" - Ward
Mayor Daley - "Changes" - Facial Expressions
Scissor Girls - "Ambulatory" - Here is the Is-Not
Brainbombs - "Die You Fuck" - Obey
Kilslug - "Make It Rain" - Answer the Call
Tapio Nevanlinna - "You Offer Me Out of Water" - VA - Elektroakustische Musik aus Finnland
Akira Tamba - "Tathata (excerpt)" - Inedits
Franco Battiato - "Goutez et Comparez (excerpt)" - M.elle Le Gladiator
Jorgen Plaetner - "Heironymous Bosch (excerpt)" - Electronic Music
Todd Hammes and His Tool and Drum Ensemble - "Remembering: Attract and Repel" - Music for Percussion (mostly)
Arto Lindsay - "Flourish" - Aggregates 1-26
Buxinrut - "Flies Without Mercy" - Radio Zone 16
Dave Vorhaus - "Three D" - Into the Dark
Super Freego - "Rock II" - Pouquoi Es-Tu Si Mechant? http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/39638

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