Gibberish, Jibber-Jabber and Babble from Jun 13, 2011


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Ibid - "Untitled" - Golden Wonder [Mutant Sounds]
Cheer-Accident - "Barely Breathing" - No Ifs, Ands or Dogs [on tour now!]
Christina - "Drive My Car" - VA - Mutant Disco
Nondor Nevai - "Comedy Routine" - A Night of Jazz and Comedy [Pukekos]
Gordon Grdina - "Big Man, Get Down!" - New Rules for Noise
Dead Rider - "Why I Only Take Baths" - The Raw Dents [watch here!]
Melvin Jackson - "Say What?" - Funky Soul
Nondor Nevai - "Hall & Oats" - A Night of Jazz and Comedy
Hierro - "Mi Sexy Amor" - VA - Impactos Juveniles Vol 2 [Crud Crud]
Cat Lady - "Wants a Date" - youtube video
Kemayo - "Bolo Bolo" - Africa L'an 2000 [American Athlete]
Mad Virgins - "I Am a Computer" - 7" [Killed By Death]
Dr. Robert Parish - "Relax" - Listen and Lose [Basement of Curiosities]
Henry Kaiser - "Ice Death" - Ice Death
US Maple - "Through With Six Six Six" - Sang Phat Editor
Dr. Robert Parish - "A Real Zest for Living" - Listen and Lose
The Work - "Quack" - Rubber Cage
Cacaw - "BBAD" - Bat Skin Robes [on tour now!]
Razor - "Concussion" - Shotgun Justice [Thrash 4 All!]
Tinsel Teeth - "Like Rubber Sniffing Glue" - Trash as the Trophy [on tour now!]
Hot Garbage - "Living Hard Will Takes Its Toll" - Gut Rot [HERE!]

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