Manipulating My Dead Weight into Frilly Lingerie from Sep 27, 2011


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Ass Coffee - "Corpses Do as Corpses Are Told" - Compound the Fracture
Yona Kit - "Franken-Bitch" - Yona Kit
Manuel J Grotesk - "Intrumental" - La Symphonie d un Branleur
The Letter People - "Mr. N: Noisy Nose" - 26 Songs of the Letter People
Caroliner - "Straw Prisoner Raised an Alarm" - Transcontinental Pinecone Collector
Jim French (w/ Diamanda Galas) - "Pillow Talk" - If Looks Could Kill
Janko Nilovic - "Funky Tramway" - Funky Tramway
V.D.B. Joel - "Martian Invaders" - Video Games and Data Movements
John Carpenter - "Assault on Precinct 13 (main title)" - Assault on Precinct 13
Gwilly Edmondez - "Opening Title" - Patterns of Self Remote
Brown Wing Overdrive (featuring Yuriko Higuchi) - "Live @ Coco66 June 19th, 2011"
Goto80 - "Diskmachine"
No Babies - "Safe Zone" - Live at WFMU on Marty McSorley's Show 9/20/11
Roach Egg Invasion - "Run & Hide" - 3DEP
Mekons - "Heart & Soul" - Never Been in a Riot
Enema Och Gejonte - "Viheter Kai Jonas" - Ingen Kisse
Stormy Six - "II Barbiere (excerpt)" - L'Apprendista
Scott Johnson - "Involuntary Song" - John Somebody
Andrew Lemon - "Assault on Precinct 13"

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