Marathon Histrionics from Mar 8, 2011


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Rude Mechanical Orchestra - "Push" - Avant-March: A Music For Maniacs Compilation
The Carnys - "Having Fun" - Stranger in the Ringer
The Centimeters - "I Want a Dead One" - Facts of Destiny
Soft Pink Truth - "Do They Owe Us A Living?" - Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth?
Neung Phak - "Cheer" - Live
Ricardo E Esquisito - "Mulher Coca Cola" - Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats
Henny Youngman - "Take My Wife Please" - Take My Album...Please!
Mark E. Smith - "10 Points" - 27 Points
Nervous Gender - "Miscarriage" - Live at Target
Derek Griffiths - "Funny Face" - Play On
Faye Richmonde - "My Pussy Belongs To Daddy" - My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
Club Foot Orchestra - "Theme From Club Foot" - V/A - Club Foot
Black Bear Combo - "Otrov" - Game of Death

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