Partially Decompose from Nov 23, 2010


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Rob - "Make It Fast, Make It Slow" - VA - Ghana Soundz
Frontal Rizzotto - "Le Beau Gars Nu Bleu" - VA - An Der Schonen Blauen Donau [Continuo Blog]
TSIGOTI - "Children Slaves Make Childrens' Toys" - Private Poverty Speaks to the People of the Party [Free Music Archive]
Michael Eingorn - "Czardas Folk Hungarian" - s/t [Music For Maniacs]
Little Women - "Throat V" - Throat
Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults - "Recognize the Signs" - Youtube video [Ask For Help From Experts!]
The Shaggs - "My Pal Foot-Foot" - Shaggs Own Thing
Normal Love - "Severe Confection" - VA - WFMU Ampeater [Free Music Archive]
Pookey Blow - "Get Up (and go to school)" - VA - Connecticut Hip Hop 79-83
Duotron - "Metal Box/You're a Mountain!" - Batalia Faminil [Duotron! Here!]
The Twangy Gang & Their Friends - "Donna" - Hair [Spiral Blog]
Peter Maxwell Davies - "Excerpts from Eight Songs For a Mad King" - Eight Song For a Mad King [Watch! Here!]
Tom Cora - "Cows, Stars, Rivers and Giants" - Gumption in Limbo
Xavier Garcia - "6 Regards Sul L" - VA - Histoires Invisibles
Frederik Croene & Esther Venro - "Flix/Vellin" - Hout
Dave Vorhaus - "Concentric Cacophony" - Sleight of Mind [Continuo Blog]
After Dinner - "Kitchen Life" - Paradise of Replica
Hi-Posi - "Theme of a Duck" - Gluon
Baroness Monique Von Cleef - "Disciplining a Client in Tokyo" - Spiral #10 [Continuo Blog]
Duo Inmortales - "Fatal Predictions" - Legends of Domination [Free Music Archive]
Sarah Weis - "B-17 Excerpt" [Watch! Here!]
Fred Miller - "Scented Wind" - Sounds Of Love...A to Zzzz [Pukekos]
Zzap69 - "Green Tomato" - Commodore 64 Music
Redemer - "Unknown" - Demo

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