Pile of Bits from Sep 27, 2012


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Jud Jud - "Jud Jud"
Willem Breuker Kollektief - "De Dames Zijn Boos" - This Way, Ladies
Microwaves - "Hammerspace" - Psionic Impedance
David Lee Roth & Spawn of Possession
Carla Bley - "Wrong Key Donkey" - Live in Berlin [DLR eventually starts to scat]
Razor - "Burning Bridges" - Shotgun Justice
Lake of Dracula - "Dracula Killed Frankestein" - Skeletal Remains
Lipps, Inc., George Crumb & Kim Fowley - "Funky Town"
Goto80 & Acid Terrorist - "Viking Conquistador"
Mr. Fig - "I'm Mr. Fig" [from the Hershel Gordon Lewis kiddie film 'Jimmy the Boy Wonder.' It's absurd and terrible.]
Oslo Harmoni Kuartett - "Sussebass" - VA - Dr. Super Helga's Female Audio Prazac
a recording of a guy that has a hedgehog as a pet [from an old video that was floating around online circa 2005...ancient history!]
Sider Compass Good Crime Band - "???" - Organ Winding Sheet Music
Little Issaac - "Mush Mouthed ABCs" - Found Cassette
Felix Kubin - "Schnitzler" - Schmitler 7"
Roscoe Mitchel - "Uptown Strut" - This Dance is for Steve McCal
Nina Hagen - "Hatschi-Waldera" - Amiga Box
Niel Brennan - "Cauldron" - Commodore 64 song
??? - "Polish Wizard of Oz?"
Charel Janssens - "Choe Zedde Nie Goe"
Village Band - "Jhumar" - Disco Bhangra
Pliny the Elder - "Race Going Under" - Essential Volume 1
The Fly Guys - "Fly Guys' Rap" - Big Apple Rappin'
Unknown Squaredancing - "Elvira" - Eavesdrop: A Wealth of Found Sound [with Rudolf Eb.Er]
Video Adventures - "Une Vie Moderne" - Musiques pour Garcons et Filles
Two Jabbering Hens - "The Lesbian Butch of the Hamburger Hamlet" - Eavesdrop: A Wealth of Found Sound
Chuck Jones - "No-Yes" - Isolation Studies
Wondeur Brass - "L' Ombre Est Là - Umbrella" - Ravir http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/47561

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