Routine Vaccination from Apr 5, 2011


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Jono El Grande - "Negation / Penetration" - Phantom Stimulance
ZNR - "Armistice Couronne de Feuillages" - Barricade 3
Ergo Phizmiz - "Hollaback Girl" - Arff and Beef [Free Music Archive]
Original Innocence - "Jungle Law" - Original Innocence [Free Music Archive]
Vox Pop - "Become a Pagan" - Discography
Rosengarden & Krause - "Satan Take a Holiday" - Ghouls with Attitude [HERE!]
Keefe Jackson's Project Project - "The Grass is Greener" - Just Like This
Lily Greenham - "Potent Impotency" - Tendetious Neo-Semantic [UBU]
Gardenella - "Plague" [Soundcloud]
Marius Constant - "Moulins à Prière" - Hor Gabarit
The Hound - "The Writer" - State of the Union
Nafiri Tuhan - "Jesus Christ is Lord" - Tony Coulter BWOB Posts [Tony Coulter on Beware of the Blog]
Caroliner Rainbow - "Straw Prisoner Raised an Alarm" - Transcontinetal Pinecone Collector
Yoshiaki Fujikawa & EastAsia Orchestra - "Trivial Chief Pate Pote" - Shoyoh Jurin [Big in Japan]
Leda - "Future" - Welcome to Joyland
Bingo Gazingo - "Live @ Bowery Poetry Club 2006" - Youtube video [SEE! HEAR! HERE!]
Princess - "Buildings" - Princess
Lazy Magnet - "Wilder Climes" - Is Music Even Good? [Free Music Archive]
Cigarettes - "Oh! Oh! Oh!" - 7" [Free Music Archive]
Dancing Cigarettes - "Spanish Modern" - School of Secret Music

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