Soft Underneath from Feb 13, 2012


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Velcro Lewis Group - "Fall to Pieces" - White Magick Summer
The Immaculates - "Popcorn House" - Live on Marty McSorley's Show
Nomeansno - "No Sex" - Mama
Monitor Radio - "Brown Leather" - Split 7" with Lake of Dracula
Cointelpro - "Jerilyn" - VA: Astro Glamour Sound
Iyaxia - "Abraxas/Magic Powers" - S/T
Hudson Mohawke - "Cbat" - Satin Panthers
Jacques Lejeune - "Solitude de Blanche Neige dans la Foret Nocturne" - Blanche Neige
Pooper - "Wildcat Booger" - Peyote
Pascal Duffard - "Action/Reaction" - Dieu ist Fou
Nina Rota - "L'uccello Magico a Desda" - OST: Casanova
Michel Chion - "Requiem Aeternam (excerpt)" - Requiem
Kurt Weill - "Der Jasager" - Der Jasager
Starship Commander Woooooo Wooooo - "Laugh and Dance" - Mastership
Piranha Sounds - "La Turbi Piranha" - VA - A Choice Collection of Funk 45s
Carla Bley - "Boo to You" - Live in Berlin
Gardenella - "Disgrace" - S/T
The Candyman - "La Cucaracha" - The Candyman Plays for Boys and Girls
The Melody Four - "The Three Caballeros" - VA - Alternate Cake
Sister Fucker - "Wet with Hate" - California

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