Success Through Osmosis from Apr 27, 2011


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Cyrkle - "Something Special" - The Minx
Dan Gleason - "How Do They Make It?" - Speaking in Absolutes
Fabulous Tempos - "Nut Sundae" - Las Vegas Grind Vol. 2
C. Newman & Janet Smith - "Very Embarrassing Situation" - S/T
Lindsay Cooper - "Cholera" - Rags
Rambones - "Fourteen Beat" - Ancients
Pietro Grossi - "Interrogatorio" - Electronic Soundtracks [Continuo]
Dan Gleason - "Dear Sweetness" - Speaking in Absolutes
Peter Hammill - "Accidents" - Enter K
Rascal Reporters - "Bones Chorale" - Happy Accidents
Dan Gleason - "What H1N1 Has Done For Me" - Speaking in Absolutes
George King - "Lucky Joe" - The George King Organ Sounds [Music for Maniacs]
Dudu Geva - "Tumba Zombie" - Tumba Zombie [Birdsong]
Chris Watson - "Vultures, Nine Birds Feeding on Zebra Carcass" - Outside the Circle of Fire
BinauralDiaries - "Ueno Bells of Time" - Japan by Ear [Free Music Archive]
Mahavishnu Orchestra - "Vision is a Naked Sword (excerpt)" - Apocalypse
Hellwitch - "Torture Chamber" - Syzygial Miscreancy
Elizabeth Claire Prophet - "Call for Protection" - Sounds of American Doomsday Cults Vol.14
BBC Sound of Death & Horror
Youtube clip of "Nervous Dog"
Toshiro Mayuzumi - "Samsara (excerpt)" - Samsara
Arrington de Dionyso - "Mahkota Kotor" - Live on WFMU's Talk's Cheap [Free Music Archive]
Dudu Geva - "Side A (excerpt)" - Retrovulva 2002 [Birdsong]
Joan Silver Pin - "Tango Argetino" - VA - Clinical Jazz [Free Music Archive]
Edan - "Beautiful Food" - Sprain Your Tapedeck
Trin-Tran - "Tall Contest" - Live Stuffs
Safety Pin - "It's Been a Long Time" - Terry Plumming Comp

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