The Man's Head Was on the Floor, the Woman's Head Was in the Fireplace from Feb 26, 2009


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Basil Kirchin - "We Don't Care" - Particles
Doris Wishman - "Clips from "A Night to Dismember""
GTOs w/ Commodore 64 Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean/Cones"
Tom Cora - "Burning Hoop" - Gumption in Limbo
Decibel - "El Titosco" - El Poeta del Ruido Plus...
Jaap Blonk & Maja Ratkje - "Arnheim 8" - Improvisors
Jeff Minter - "Ancipital" - Commodore 64 Music
Gentle Giant - "So Sincere" - The Power and the Glory
Henry Brant - "Signs and Sirens" - Henry Brant Collection
Subliminal Tape - "Mike, Quit Smoking" - Audio Kitchen
Kids of Widney High - "Get Up And Dance" - Special Music for Special People
Flying Lizards - "What's New, Pussycat?" - Top Ten
Nandor Nevai - "Is This Good for Vulva?" - The A Capella Cantata

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