Tiny and Purple from Oct 18, 2011


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Reiko Ike - "Onna Wa Sore O Gaman Dekinai" - Reiko Ike Sings!
Three Ring Circus - "Fantastic Voyage" - Three Ring Circus
Univers Zero - "Doctor Petiot (excerpt)" - 1313
Sten Hanson - "Ouhm (excerpt)" - VA: Five Text Sound Pioneers
Iceplants - "Feminine Charm" - Happy Time at the Wow Club
Le Singe Blanc - "Tapadi" - Babylon
Sten Hanson - "Ouhm (excerpt)" - VA: Five Text Sound Pioneers
Kitchstortion - "Taste of Honey" - Vague Serenade
Electric Eels - "Anxiety" - VA: Memories of a PRE Festival
Roach Egg Invasion - "Time Bomb" - Huevos Roacheros
The Membranes - "Almost China" - 7"
The Door & the Window - "Subculture Fashion Slaves" - Detailed Twang
American Liberty League - "Not Ready For Parole" - Going to Coney Island
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - "Alyo" - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Henry Mancini - "Cat and Mouse" - Victor/Victoria
Noisy Pig - "Hey Jumper" - Replica
Michael Intergalaxon - "Birdhouse Boogie"
Sudden Infant - "Ecstatic Ectoplasmic Eruption" - Invocation of the Aural Slave Gods
Anthony Braxton - "Composition No. 183" - Composition No. 183
Arsene Souffriau - "Feu d'Artifice" - Experiences Bimes
Sand - "Vulture II" - Ultrasonic Seraphim
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - "Silver Shamrock (putch mangled)" - Halloween III: Season of the Witch OST http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/42324

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