Uh! Uh! Uh! from Sep 13, 2011


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Eckard Koltermann/Collage 11 - "Granitique" - Achtung Wir Senden
Non Credo - "Snake Oil" - Happy Wretched Family
Plaid Retina - "Myopia" - Mind Tracing the Going Down
Wonderdog - "Living on a Farm" - Ruff Mix
Colette Melville - "How to Housebreak Your Dog" - 7" [Bob Purse's posts on Beware of the Blog]
K9 Fusion - "Good Listener" - Who Really Loves You? [Music for Maniacs]
Ergo Phizmiz - "Supermarket Dirge" - Ergo's Disco Van Morrisons
James Tenney - "Stochastic Quartet" - History of Electronic Music [UBU]
Steve Lacy - "The Uh Uh Uh" - Dreams
J. Pomerlau and the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra - "Original Motion Picture Score of the Flying Luttenbachers' the Gods of Chaos" - Big Songs for Small Apartments
The Flying Luttenbachers - "The Floatation Method" - Gods of Chaos
Cool Memories - "The Fair (whites)" - Debt
Die Goldenen Zitronen - "Tante Dolly" - Porsche, Genscher, Hallo
Glen Meadmore - "Do Me" - 12"
Quintron - "Organ Solo" - Satan is Dead
Mahjongg - "Pepper Rag" - VA - Hideout Worker's Comp http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/41885

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