Wheezing Yolk & Gravy from Jan 17, 2012


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Happy Flowers - "Fish (I Like)" - Flowers on 45: The Homestead Singles
Tito Contreras - "Santo" - El Jazz Mexicano de Tino Contreras
Magma - "Maahnt (The Wizard's Fight Versus the Devil" - Attahk
Unknown Panamanian Street Musician - "Gritos" - Street Music of Panama
Milan Kymlicka - "The Mole and the Rocket" - Music for the Mole Cartoons of Zdenek Miler
Cosmic Analog Ensemble - "Mutatis Mutandis" - Navigations Nocturnes
David Behrman - "Leapday Night Scene 2 (excerpt)" - Leapday Night
V.D.B. Joel - "Video Games" - Video Games & Data Movements
Arto Lindsay & the Ambitious Lovers - "Trouble Maker" - Envy
Neon Hearts - "Venus Eccentric!" - 7"
Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie - "Salt Peanuts (excerpt)"
Charles Dodge - "The Days are Ahead" - Synthesized Voices
Lloyd Rodgers - "Twelve from the Black Book" - The Lloyd Rodgers Group
P-Model - "The Great Brain" - In a Model Room
Schlong - "Whatever It Takes" - The Essential Schlong
Wizards of Oi - "Fat American Woman" - Wizards in Space
Von Zamla - "Antsong" - Zamlaranamma
Duo Inmortales - "My Dear Little Insects" - Legends of Domination
Martin Galway - "Insects in Space"
Gyorgy Ligeti - "Artikulationen" - VA: Elektronische Musik 1
Pointer Sisters - "Salt Peanuts" http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/43519

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