Whiff of Pepperoni from Jul 15, 2010


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Soft Serve - "Hey Zombi" - Good Mood Bad Mood [get it here among the mass of other Terry Plumming releases. Some good, some terribly bad.]
Gentleman John Battles - "Witch Doctor" - VA - Uno-A-Go-Go
Burger Damage - "Arsenio Pyramid" - VA - Hideout Workers' Comp
Richard Band - "Norton's Theme" - Terror Vision soundtrack [Mutant Sounds]
Ergo Phizmiz - "Ride on a Chair Running" - Music from "The House of Doctor Faustus" [Ergo Phizmiz at the Free Music Archive]
Lars Hollmer - "Endlich Ein Zamba" - XII Sibiriska Cyklar
Mae Questal - "Broken Record" - 78rpm
John Schnall - "Do Not Open This Door" - Midnight Matinee [Midnight Matinee]
Porest - "Tom and His Wife" - Mood Noose
bran(...)pos - "Track 2" - Twat/Face
Giriama Wedding - "Kayamba Dance" - Witchcraft and Ritual Music of East Africa
UR Kaos - "Back in Hell" - S/T
Exteenager - "zzzz" - Although Throughy My Bewildered Way [Exteenager at the Free Music Archive]
Ptose - "The Big Chief" - Il
Acoustifone - "Popcorn and a Coke, Please" - Bob Purse Collection [Beware of the Blog]
*Jason Ajemian and the Highlife - "Monsters" - Monsters and Animals [Free Music Archive]
*Drive-In Intermission Clip - "Hot Buttered Popcorn" - Classic Drive-In Intermission
Geza X and the Mommymen - "Funky Monsters" - You Goddamn Kids!
Kids of Widney High - "Insects" - Special Music By Special People
*flies, mandible chatter, birds, etc
*Luciano Berio - "Sequenza 13 for Accordian (excerpt)" - Circles
Michel Chion - "Libera Me" - Requiem
Cecil Taylor Unit - "Unit Structures (excerpt)" - Unit Structures
The Happy Eggs - "Rippy" - 7"
Ernst Jandl - "Pain Through Friction" - Radiophone Texte http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/36544

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