Your Biggest Regret from Sep 14, 2010


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Subway Scene from "Edmund"
Bay of Pigs - "Everything Changes" - VA - Club Foot [Free Music Archive]
Pounded Clown - "Trashmen" - As Good As It Got [Very Small Records Blog]
Combo Belge - "Batumambe" - Sketches of Belgium [La Folie du Jour Blog]
Carla Bley - "Boo to You" - Live in Berlin
Pussy Pirates - "Dorcas Good" - Eat My Brain Call It Art
Children in Adult Jails - "Fishing For Compliments" - VA - New Jersey's Got It?
Child Abuse - "Mutha" - 7"
Opera IX - "Born in the Grave" - Call of the Wood
*David Watson - "Phrase Repeater" - Skiri
Nicolas Schoffer - "Limino #1" - Sound Sculpture
*A.A. Allen - "Exorcism" - Crying Demons Crying Demon Crying Demons [Basement of Curiosities Blog]
*Jack Smith with Tony Conrad - "Earthquake Orgy" - Les Evening Gowns Dames
Cathy Berberian - "Stripsody" - Magnificathy
Justine - "Roucoule Roucoule" - Langages Fantastiques
Elena Kats-Chernin - "Stigma" - Unceremonious Procession
After Dinner - "Cymbals at Dawn" - 7"
Rrind - "Face Sucker" - Live at the Empty Bottle

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