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Ruins Alone - "Glaschzenck" - Ruins Alone
Cellular Chaos - "Advisor" - EP
Attic Ted - "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss" - Marginalized
Officer - "Tunnels" - Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Love of Life Orchestra - "Jocks on Ice" - Casino
Slug Bug - "Weird Life" - 7" w/ Pataphysics
Noh Mercy - "Girl" - Noh Mercy
Soft Pink Truth - "I Owe It to the Girls" - Do You want New Wave Or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth?
Hot Garbage - "Dystopia" - Hot Garbage II
Bodo Reinke - "1st Finale II" - Dracula
Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone - "On and Off" - Live at WFMU on Bethany's Show 9/10/2006
Steven Arntson - "Beecher's Bibles" - The Devils Dreamworld
Hi-Posi - "Track 3" - Gluon
Ennio Morricone - "1970" - Crime and Dissonance
Ergo Phizmiz - "The Impulse to Shoot at Every Shadow" - Papalaka Papalaka
Wretched Worst - "Worse Than Jail" - Live on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet 3/16/12

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