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This week we get to hear from Janae Moss, as she talks about finding strength in community and entrepreneurship.

It's important to look at change and hardship like a chance for growth.

-Janae Moss

Janae Moss, a mother of seven and grandmother of four, co-owns multiple businesses. Some of these include Parents Driving Change, Humans Driving Change, and Flagship RBM Building Maintenance. She is a family advocate, community organizer, and has experience in social entrepreneurship.

Apart from this, she has a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Studies and is currently working on a Master's in Performance Psychology. Alongside these successes, Janae is a passionate social entrepreneur, trained in performance psychology. She believes all organizations are based on the people that make them great. In every business and non-profit endeavor, she invests in communities and helps develop the strengths in people and families. Future plans include multiple projects that encourage listening to and trusting oneself.

If you're feeling frustrated or stuck...the fastest way to get through that is to serve somebody.

Janae Moss

Tune into this episode as Janae shares her personal story of entrepreneurship. Janae's motto is "Attitude is everything, pick a good one." In this episode, she gives several tips that empower women to be a strength to their community and family.

Tips for Strength in Community and Entrepreneurship

  • Embrace motherhood- it goes by quickly
  • Contribute and volunteer in your community


In this episode, we cover:

  • How to become an entrepreneur amidst change and hardship.
  • Giving back to charity and how you can be involved
  • How to work with a busy spouse and develop time management
  • Working and volunteering in the community

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