Spring Hawes on equity, accessibility and disability justice


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We're delighted to have Spring Hawes - entrepreneur, past municipal councillor, board director for a BC health authority, and a candidate in the BC election last October - join us on the pod. A tetraplegic, Spring talks to us about the experiences of disabled people in the pandemic, the implications of Canada's new medical assistance in dying (MAD) legislation, and about BC's highly anticipated new accessibility legislation. We also talk about disability justice, the ableism that's embedded in every part of our culture and built environment, and and the kinds of stories about disabled people she'd like to see and hear more in media and popular culture.
Check out the "10 Principles of Disability Justice" Spring and Maria mentioned in our interview here: https://www.sinsinvalid.org/blog/10-principles-of-disability-justice
Learn more about disability justice from this 2013 interview with disability justice activist, Mia Mingus: https://equitableeducation.ca/2013/mia-mingus-disability-justice

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