82. Revelation 18:4-8 (6-8-22)


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Revelation 18:4-8 Pastor Phil Ballmaier The Book of Revelation 2022 6-8-22 Join Pastor Phil Ballmaier of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove as continues to teach verse-by-verse through The Book of Revelation on Wednesday nights. Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational fellowship in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Illinois. In Revelation Chapter 17 we saw the religious or 'spiritual Babylon', and in Revelation Chapter 18 we are getting a glimpse of the 'commercial' or 'political Babylon'. In this section of scripture John witnesses the fall of great Babylon. What does that mean? Let's explore that with Pastor Phil. This week's video message can be found here: https://youtu.be/qVrFM1ENyt0 The Book of Revelation E-Study Guides can be found here: https://www.ccelkgrove.org/study-notes-wednesdays We meet Wednesdays at 6 PM for Prayer and 7 PM for Bible Study. For more information about our fellowship visit our website. We livestream every Wednesday night at 7 PM and Sundays at 10:30 AM at: www.Youtube.com/c/ccelkgrove and www.facebook.com/CCEGVillage For more series, visit our websites and video channels at: www.ccelkgrove.org and www.daybydayradio.org www.youtube.com/c/ccelkgrove www.facebook.com/CCEGVillage Catch the Day By Day Radio program, the listener-supported teaching ministry of Pastor Phil Ballmaier, Monday through Friday on AM1160 Chicago at 6 PM & 4:30 AM and on the Calvary Radio Network weekdays at 9 AM. 847-895-3545 CCLI #143368 - Song License CSPL #091182 - Livestreaming License

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