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Contributor Molly Hurford has tips that will help you go up hills a little quicker. She talks about training, body positioning and the muscles you want to engage when climbing. She also has some inside information on the climbing competitions at Sea Otter Canada: the Grind Uphill Challenge and the Hill Climbing Championships.

"When you see a corner coming up and it looks like it's the end of the climb, it absolutely is not," she says.

In Full Send/No Send, Matthew Pioro and Dan Walker discuss 650b versus 700c wheels. Also, if Michael Woods goes to the Tour de France, should he go for stage wins or general classification?

Finally, an interview with Jeff Webb, the CEO of Fara Cycling . He’s originally from Huntsville, Ont. About four years ago, he and his partners (who now include Thor Hushovd) started the cycling company based in Oslo, Norway. At Blacksmith Cycle in Toronto, Webb talks about Fara, as well as the long rides he does. He’ll ride from Oslo to Stockholm, about 530 km, on a whim.

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