Kicking off summer in style at Sea Otter Canada


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Canadian Cycling Magazine heads to Blue Mountain, Ont., for the Sea Otter Canada cycling festival. Editors Matthew Pioro and Dan Walker, and photo editor Matt Stetson, bring you the vibes from the event. They are impressed that on the first day, the first Friday of July, that there are a good amount of people at the expo. Walker figures they had read ‘12 excuses you can use to sneak out of work early.’ Pioro and Walker take on the 120-km gran fondo. Stetson, a longtime mountain biker, rides his first enduro.

“I have been riding quite a long time on dirt and mountain bikes. It certainly was my first gravity event, which, to me, sounds weird, as I’ve ridden lots of times in pads and downhill, but never on the clock,” Stetson says. “But cross country, I’ve done dozens of times. The enduro was a different feel. I couldn’t believe how tired I was at the end of such a short amount of riding.

In Full Send/No Send, Pioro admits Walker was right about something. Is “Alien” a good nickname or an accusation? Should you take a swim in your bib shorts?

Canadian MTB editor Terry McKall interviews the CEO and founder of Structure Cycleworks. Loni Hull discusses the WTF (Without Telescoping Fork) linkage system that his company has designed. He also gets into the significance of keeping his company in Alberta.

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