Navigating the Indie-Verse with Darryl Hurs & Haviah Mighty


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This week on the podcast, we catch up with Darryl Hurs, founder of Indie Week Canada and now also the Canadian representative for CD Baby. Darryl takes a look back at the founding and evolution of Indie Week, from a passion project to one of the premier events for indie musicians in the country. As well, we chat about how showcase festivals must evolve as labels change their approach to A&R in the digital analytics era and how young artists must now learn to be their own businesses. Darryl also shares some lessons he’s learned for artists on self-branding and marketing, discusses whether Toronto's Music City Strategy is working, and much more.

Before that, we've got Toronto hip-hop wunderkind Haviah Mighty talking about how she and her team have been making noise and turning heads on their own terms. She previews her second LP, 13th Floor, which drops on May 10th and features collaborations with some known names as well as a pair of her siblings (talented family!). She discusses that challenges that go with earning your stripes in Canada's still-fledging hip-hop industry, how the current political climate is influencing her art, and more.

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