Episode 51: Research in Cannabis Production with Dr. Ben Higgins


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In this podcast, I interview Dr. Ben Higgins, Chief Research Scientist at Goldleaf Gardens.

We discuss how to interpret research, create useful data in your facility, and a new white paper on pots vs living soil beds. We also touch on some preliminary results on trials relating toBlumats, Mammoth P, and BIOS lighting.

Ben and I were also proud to announce a new consulting group called Kaizen Consulting that is comprised of myself, Ben, Nate Gibbs (owner of Goldleaf Gardens), Allison Justice of Outco, and Chris Jagger of Blue Fox Ag. All of these folks have been on my podcast so you can hear more about them on there. If you are interested in consulting please go to www.growwithkaizen.com. Thanks for listening!


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