#74 Garfield Logan


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74 Garfield Logan

Today we talk about Garfield Logan, also known as Changeling or Beast Boy, who is a boy who can turn into any animal he's seen even a picture of. He is, notably, green except for that one time they made him red for no reason.

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Doom Patrol #99 DC Universe's Doom Patrol
-Seriously, the second Brain steals robotman's body he's like MALLAH LET'S KISS, SINCE I HAVE A BODY NOW
-Rebirth Titans Brain/Mallah plotline
-Here come the teen titans west!
-Space Trek 2022
-Age of X Nightcrawler
-New Teen Titans vol. 1
-The Judas Contract
-Teen Titans (2016)
-Greg Cipes beast boy
-She-Ra and the Princess of Power
-The Broship of the Ring
-Nimona by Noelle Stevenson Once a webcomic, now a published graphic novel!!
-Zdarsky/Anka miniseries: The White Trees
-Runaways (2017) #21

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