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AKA Hero Pants: JonesCast S3E10

Charlie and Mozz review Jessica Jones season 3 episode 10, “AKA Hero Pants”.

Show notes: AKA Hero Pants: JonesCast S3E10

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AKA Hero Pants: JonesCast S3E10

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Lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website Southgate Media Group dot com this episode of Capes and lunatics is brought to you by tweaked audio awesome headphones good at tweaked audio dot com and use the coupon code southgate to get thirty percent off reshipping heard the space in their lives to actually get to know her they had made up her mind their mind on who she was who she was them and didn't realize that aside for more Jessica for for Patsy the death of Dorothy not they have no idea who dorothy wasn't or what I had been up to and never never allowed Oh okay yeah so this is this is I mean I this is my these last two episodes we are we are at the decimated decimation level the emphasis okay Tanks Episode Aka Hero Pants Jessica wrestles with her emotions as she tries to untangle herself from a murder. Yeah this was a really powerful episode this is preparing for the funeral and you know just the quality of it where you can feel that L. hasn't really sunk in and they're keep getting distracted I think and maybe choosing to be distracted because it's just easier to be distracted you know that's the point where when you start saying well yeah you you know you have we wished to in tonight's director is Sanford bookstaver of course Michael Brian vendors and or sorry Brian Michael Benda's that she was a person out there in the world yeah and to be fair you know like one can say you know Dorothy used up a lot of goodwill already and as they're making the preparations for the funeral and you know Jessica goes to handle the arrangements because of course the land but you get this feeling throughout this that four just and and Michael Gaydos created by character credits are created by is of course Melissa Rosenberg written by ghosts too dumb make amends that you know at a certain point you can't make amends for something so far in the past you know you can't make amends because you pushed I am is we're hoping is our hardworking story editor and once again hardest working person showbusiness it'll Jesse Harris Charlie professor with me as always is my skinny restrict its moss hey we only want to be friends for comes down to is what is your talent and are you going to waste you know because that is what what Patsy says at the eulogy that Joe Jackson they are like such low burns such slow-burn yeah and then when the moments pay off they really pay off there's a couple of moments just like little bits trish into a life that you that you did and enabled her now of course there's a whole argument to be made about you know how much can you enable someone who on the myth lesson Jerry Jimmy Can Gillians hilly Hicks Junior also gets written by credit with him Jay it's Charles L. A. Really WanNa be off for welcome back to the AKA jokes gas I'm your host has the power to do even if you start against them you know 'cause you know certainly talent yeah well you know but that's you get the feeling that Michael kind of had the talent that Joe never had just drove him insane that went Michael became the goes kid and it drove him mad yeah I think you know the wife had a boo but else scandalous yeah and really Michael Jackson was sort of an alien you know conception thing I don't know if they went that far the right and it's sort of the same industry innocent no so I mean my honest opinion is is that actually you know is that Michael Actually I love there just so wonderful to me and we'll get to them when we get to them but this is as glad Jamie was was Get written by credit I was hoping he wrote Zev really liked this episode other two three episodes so just this is episode ten man we are coming down the pike as a thirteen episode season I believe and if you're a fan of the the blaxploitation genre and modern semi comedic takes on the tropes of it I could I could I would it would make me physically ill to be that person you know I can do morally questionable stuff you know don't get me wrong but relations by things like the fact that hogarth is still technically the lawyer of recognized daugherty's State Trish is convinced that Eric is is you know committing these crimes But Eric is just image is Jessica didn't even Oh yeah it was a it was an adult swim piece it Oh yeah if you are fan of hurts he would be it would kill him because he would just supposed to so much evil that would overwhelm him and and you know and just destroy his body okay moving right along was Oh yes so yeah they sold aliens impregnated by Music Industry Alien Jesus Yup born I saw that episode of black down on my tooth it's a really good it's a really fun fun series right on has a bit of a Brown Hornet Quality Syndrome you know well you know I mean I don't know how much Joe Jackson's like Tiger Woods dead you know that kind star that's just my dark twisted theory on Jackson story but he was Michael Jackson imagine if it was the okay there's actually there's an episode of black dynamite the cartoon that has the basic is continuing to search that she is certain that Eric is the killer meanwhile Malcolm does have his confrontation with say which does not ah to actually become a killer I could not cross that line because it would kill me it would actually coming much the way that they were saying that you know if he had actually gone too right God out of out of justice out of Tristesse fingernails and like put it in a in a little piece of paper Lopez Kleenex because in that moment does he would say to her because she knows they're true and if he says it than she has something to be angry about now he's the bad guy and that's what she gets him to do and and Geico well but it also but that was really interesting to me too so she walks in there and her only goal in that situation was to not feel I think we see him without his bandages his face is completely torn the heck up there's an interesting scene the case yeah you know I don't know if that ever does come back but I do amnesty yeah because actually forgot how how got this Nigga this is an issue where you know salinger has been kind of forgot he's still in the in the in the in the hospital bad about her that what she wanted out of that situation so she comes up there and she's like they go all this you know dancing around what they really want attention says no Malcolm I thought like why is she doing this to get rid of evidence to protect within like when she put it in the Napkin put it away real safely as yeah she's collecting evidence alike you and the guy who did lifetime it is it is a fun though you know hard to watch cartoons sometimes but it is a funder Malcolm that you don't come you're really comes down to they weren't in love they were in love with the idea of one another they were in love with gets up there and then she gets her little piece of emotional satisfaction and she storms out there like she was the wrong pardon yeah yeah yeah that old world charm to it like firm are like families in the way old timey families families like game of thrones family you know what they each thought they wanted an and we're supposed to do in Minneapolis it kind of mirrors fog these relationship with you make that internal would actually just be even more of mine I am certain so his girlfriend you know right right right although that one I think is a little healthier because I think that would actually is a lot more uh-huh so it's kind of like new to me it was gonna be having with sound but in the meantime we see that Jessica you know intimate and time because I think what they actually want is somewhat similar this also sort of that the way you know where it's like because because you know he he you know anime solves the problem because he's you know because I'm black asking is convinced that America's committing these this crime killed the cop but you know as Eric Sense to him no I can't even be around people who like you really like the game wasn't fun for him anymore and that's the thing is he thought he wanted something he thought he wanted the brooks brother's suits and I actually I forgotten because because he does become kind of secondary in this I kind of had forgotten what happens to salinger at the end of this assistant to just Jones but to be his own man in a world where he could call his own chest but when he realizes that in it's the sort of dream that they were working on it's like being on survivor and making an alliance with somebody like my like Oh my God I found a partner in this game that's exactly what she passed well you know what else are you gonNa do it's it's I guess you know I it comes down to just the fact that you know there's no you know when a millionaire buys the best lawyer and the lawyer buys the best detective it's you know Ed so now it's like you're leaving the game and so it is a heavy thing I I saw racist coming man you know but you know it was it was in the last episode where Jess was cleaning Trish off where Y- kind of and I don't know this is ever going to come back or not but you see her scrape the difficult job but you know it's it's also fulfilling for those times when you actually get to help someone which is I ready to call your own shots you gotta with everyone else's shots and the very beginning we can see that he doesn't want to do it when he when he yeah well yeah because you know you can't you can't do something that leaves a part of you extended to a and you get to be part of a family and so what she says to him you left my firm thank you left the family so it's it's going to make and it's a lot of dirty money exchanging hands and you know yeah it pays well but you know if you weren't doing it and I see that's that's wonderful if you can do it and you know he wanted to be a social worker years and years ago and I think had he actually tiger woods yeah tell you what it's a much happier the Joe Jackson story that gets into I think it's quite dark patsy and force has definitely social work you probably would have been happy I mean it would have been a it is a my west shortage he can tell you it is a thankless painful tell me your truth say your truth and he sits he's a trump when she lays it out or what they both know it is like I'm trying to make somebody out at all and she sang all the bad things she wished it was just really Michael was the diabolical control photo referencing that but actually no it's just mind basically takes out his client yeah that's true right right so from the very start it was like he was always bristling at this this was this was not a yoga someone else would you know if hogarth decided to start practicing law challenge benowitz would be right there to take those cases he wanted to flow it and it's like he says the Jessica I think two episodes ago is I need both of those parts to to feel whole when whatever you're doing and you know and it's not to say that you can't work nine to five that's not your favorite job so long as you enough people that want that job that if that job doesn't make you happy you don't have to feel like you have to defend it just for just for the defense of it you know bad behavior what they what they're doing what's going on there that is just that does not in any way shape or form and well when you're looking at with Berry again like I don't know I mean that is just I will say this as it is bad behavior I'm Liz that's not what defines you right and that's the thing and he wants to be defined by what he does and he wants what he does to define him you know I mean that's the thing is I get well we're way up who you are and what makes you you and then you'll start to have hatred for those awesome yeah it's exactly what he says is like now I get to help the people that actually need help he wanted because at the end of the day things that you were actually doing it because you love that you know so it's like it's always important you got to balance her lights and that's that's what that's what Malcolm is doing now and be just as dirty and corrupt and conniving as she was and if you don't WanNa be the perfect six or the people that want to be the private detective there's the time you know to be to be to not be the drug addict and not be you've got to find a place that does nothing nothing if you go to work every day for your family but it also slowly kills you it will eventually quickly it turns out to be better and then smiles it feels so good that they both understand that right now they both need something not the the other person can provide everything that that person needs found that out the hard way but right now they need something very specific more than they need anything else each one of those is willing to provide that I I hope you've found a friend along the way and hope it's me me and my is just really Wanna be your friends good night yeah her plan is to get Jessica or to get Trish to break in and to use her powers against this guy who's hurting her girlfriend uh-huh maybe to get her to kill him or maybe just to you know I I gotta assume it's not just forensic accounting although maybe finding his his ledger books might be useful but you know I do think that is the fact that she wants to exploit the fact that she is a super art but she could manipulate Trish and the first thing that she does when ten this is how you know she wants to manipulate Trish is she's the one at sure I have an associate with a unique set of skills and I know everyone thinks she's talking about Jessica I knew actly because Trish because she has video of Trish she knows Tristesse hell cat you know Soka evil that's okay and again because it's someone that she can manipulate she can't manipulate Jessica Jones to dirty this 'cause I'm a hopeless romantic I actually do feel there is a quality of being able to be yourself right to just powered being that she can utilize yeah no that's interesting because the whole time there you know so you don't have to be desperate you just may be have to be an appreciate artistry and Taking Pride in the artistry I am but she's still looks at me as if I'm a nice person you know yeah I made some bad she looks at Oh my bad choices as bad choices not as the defining a yourself and when someone knows all that you've done in those all the things that would make anyone else run away and yet right that that's like the act go but yes they they're together and that is that is beautiful one of my favorite things about this this okay what more can I ask for right now let me take what gives life is giving me and shut the hell up for a second and not for nothing and wow this is something that's a little deeper than that you know you know he knows everything I've done she knows what I've done she knows what kind of person and wanting to him to not be good with her and here comes this person who seemed burst and she says to him you're good that's all he really wanted to hear and in that moment you know As I say anyone who who looks down on prostitutes probably never had any offer them you now have your desperate and someone offered who who who amongst us you know who would choose John the episode is we do get we get hogarth in key in Kip who kiss basically telling her do get to the funeral and we do see that you know that finally they think that Eric's next there will be developer and we do see in fact Eric outside that developers trailer but then we realized that always want yeah just as the same way he looks at the fact that she was a prostitute as bad choices she made not the defining quality of who she was you know Jasper she's planning something she's going to hurt her somehow but she's thinking so far beyond that she's thinking Oh this is going to be an asset you know it is telling you can wind up nussbaumer hello who Trish those bruises you know that's a new brutes that's not when she got from talented she's going out again she's still beating people and I think I think Jessica well probably one of two ways either because actually when Jessica went and searched oh I want you to take me to the most people know and he took her straight to Nussbaum and you know she did what she did you know and that's exactly what somebody she doesn't care about you know it's still hold you know push this button and you'll get ten thousand rob is of course a kiss telling hogarth get your hands dirty do what you have to do I need this schlock no such luck but then we do catch eric outside the developers of course they tracked on the most likely next victim and then we see at the very end of this I actually loved the scene where they kept surround Jessica she's coming out and she goes to do the flight and then they say freeze that's only because 'cause that's you know an enemy is just a friend you haven't found a way to exploit so we puts the pieces together she realizes that Tristesse the one killed the cop she sees the bruises on her wrist she realizes she yeah nothing nothing I mean we know she's killed at least once we we'll have to see how many other people she kills on this rampage but it it's a horrible because it is exactly what kept saying she was doing you want me to sign off on what he did to my husband well you know you're not above it any longer got you know what how how how how difficult it is to horse when we set up the situation where you're waiting for the other shoe drops she sees Tristesse his face and you all my God oh and they're the the personal in the whales that she goes Oh okay that's

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