The Batman Casting, Tales From the Dark Multiverse—Batman Knightfall #1: Capes and Lunatics Episode #127


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The Batman Casting, Tales From the Dark Multiverse—Batman Knightfall #1: Capes and Lunatics Episode #127

This week your geek guides discuss various pop culture topics including:

Catwoman and The Riddler cast for The Batman

Crisis on Infinite Earths news

Naomie Harris cast in Venom 2

Birds of Prey ongoing series changed to one shot

Is Stargirl moving from DC Universe to CW Network

New comics including The Orville #4, Flash Forward #2, Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall #1, Metal Men #1, X-Men #1, Contagion #3, Superman: Year One #3

YouTube vs TV

Show notes: The Batman Casting, Dark Tales From the Multiverse—Batman Knightfall #1: Capes and Lunatics Episode #127

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The Batman Casting, Tales From the Dark MultiverseBatman Knightfall #1: Capes and Lunatics Episode #127

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This episode of Capes and lunatics is brought to you by tweaked audience awesome headphones good at tweaked audience dot com and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent off free shipping lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website Southgate Media Group Dot com there's a thin line between heroism and madness here the line face Jillian hall where he was the psycho that kidnapped children okay or did he psycho into it I think the Lunar Pick episode one hundred twenty seven starts right now okay a little miss blood there will be blood little Miss Sunshine Okay is a really good actor and he's things there will be blood he was in little Miss Sunshine he was in Another one of the the babies are here house all right a young Brian Wilson and movie by the Beach Boys was the sunshine on like I've seen I actually had seen ten movies at headed with Norton did not know who he was until the incredible hulk so well American history exactly there you go away these guys you just hope falls into the row you know hey we've got off for behavior that Nah Midwest supposedly and then Oh wait hold on the movie Oh had Hugh Jackman at Krizner's Hugh Jackman and Rose moves I Paul W S Anderson Paul S. Anderson I was get the two mixed up two different one has initialled in the middle he played uh-huh Lupu did you ever see looper yeah he's Yep ax must not have been one of those movies because you can't forgive him in that you tends to disappear into his role it's Charlie data from the lowest blood he was the orphaned son or whatever cramp I haven't seen it in so long lunatics a world graded conical. Galway why Tyler here we can start with the big casting lose got a Lotta Batman Kathleen go wasn't Mandela yeah no I know I heard he was into a slave I assume he was what Zoe Kravitz this woman all Dano as the Ridler who I mean he surly and don't heart to glory than the Garden State are simple just ask for tyler I escaped the Phantom Zone and I'm here tonight maybe it will wash questionable one Wolf Wall Street I don't feel like it was we're all GonNa die okay so the district the casting are people that are good but we would never think in the front of our mind because Jody Hill Japan get Ross brought the old episodes so he's all in on acid Sunni way so we have the riddler all I can say whoever is going to end up being Mike how does this will trust me I never watched his show I'm just going to say don't get too attached to Jonah Hill oh you're young everybody rule the big guy you know he's a big guy over definitely getting to that point where he's watching definitely a guy bigger than his merchants which is saying a lot because he's got pretty big purchase the young is he young Bruce Willis Oh that's the one that gets interesting to hear you say that other Batman movie definitely thinking he is and yeah actors like this all the time we were like Oh you know what I do is art you know and it's like I don't think he's the riddler now I mean is this actor just really want to Alexander's she would need within New Jersey what's the darkness it looks like his Ex F.

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A. K. A. Twigs I'm just saying we're talking maybe she looks like a girlfriend oh I just missed the kid from third rock from no uh-huh Alma she's not a bad actress I'm going to say that you know and you know the crevices are we do that and that was Edward Norton speaking of diverse actors Edward Norton said he's totally down to come back to the MTA the Jason Momoa he was just being a guy who exactly exactly mental pat. I'm okay if you like Jonah where have you been done moneyball or log on yeah exactly that you're that you're bit you're he's another good athlete go right into right we don't let me see your face strong family owned hey mom overplayed his hand is warning him for penguin he wanted ridler and I was the other rumor that wanted more than you know I mean I you know it's one of these great aspects of of the Hassi history that earthquake hit thing that literally no one asked him well now the people are snow about him to come back not swimming in money you can play with you all this like crows you're right now that you think about it I was like Oh my God they literally just switch animal it made it to they did you know except for the title cat woman I mean there's no proof even that Halle Berry Linney Travis not that out of the park and hunger game and all right but then again the bear Moore's aren't that now just very scripted instead on your stop lease I could see I don't like to the script the cat woman was even in the DC version is all they did all they do is I took the script from the crow and put in a cat ed I remember I remember the trailer for cattleman start off saying like when you die spirits carry to the under all by a cat yeah I love across by the way I knew I mean the only movie ever the book is I never say the book better always in the movies better this one time where it will say absolutely the comic book is better than it did level legacy of Halle Haley well you know you know hopefully the legend okay jail it's all right he'll hopefully you got a nickel off of that yet I I still like the movie but man this is such a better story that's granted the comic book is probably less than than the movie which is kind of of course good it's GonNa be alright well she wasn't a cow he had a whole different name funding take me they made a tape they made four movies four movies not one that you know and he always as soon as someone asks that I liked about the book was the book teases the idea that the whole story could be Detroit so anymore it's over but I'm Living Zoe Kravitz cattleman hitched that because he kind of looks like Sir you really really defined the role and I loved how to be fair I mean I actually did see the movie I I did love the movie and I went and I found the book and it was just like Oh my God in fact because it was so good even after having very they say you know what if we get another another asking American lady that would be really awesome and now did you hear element it's wonderful I really complete opposite I usually the comics or the bulk is better than the movie and it's just like I think for the crow on the opposite I like the movie better it's like if you just if you just watch the movie and like during the comic like you don't even know the name of the main bad guy unless you look in the end credits yeah guys are always offensive out there I mean those are like ten dollars a Taylor is going to a rave right now a revenge fantasy that aired driven is heavy or just Eric didn't have named books having as dying name Okay Sleep Apnea Harley yeah both I might mean meeting Tom on Sunday oh cool we are how how things are not cinema go you know it's it's a much more personal story it's kind of it's the kind of story that was Martin Scorsese would make interest what do you think it is just that under five hundred that is looking at camera who is that is that Tom Welling Tyler Patrick you know on the phone yet making a comic book movie scene it's GonNa go anywhere he will you that's the thing is Martin Scorsese will make a comment the earth too yeah because blacks are hiring yeah but okay so they mixing before that Robert Queen was the man the man is that always the way the man gone down that's right man keeps you down fill man keeps whatever you kind of discovered I you know what I mean is one of those things and I I was more familiar with the prominent grew okay so a crisis and insurance so they killed Batman or something about how the cactus secular we already had a damn besser crazy in the crow movies I'd have but it's like they're really like no one calls them and they don't call them by name he doesn't call himself by name it's just like than the movie I mean the movie is is good but it's a completely different story than the comment is such a deep personal story the hood wheelers of earth too and there's no dialogue about him dying or returning her any at some point but he was still thought the hood I didn't know if he got it well yeah maybe Adrian Shaved Porn Roy any Portland neighborhood say oh well yeah but it is weird that like Oliver's didn't say anything about Robert or anything wing plan so in my store like I guess these are like magazine cover like magazine bags or something Oh okay so you got bags the God loves man kills will graphic now but he's bigger than the other ones too though too so that was the one thing that kind of threw me about and then they didn't even touch on like so Harry Jesse quick now dead too they me I'm wondering if he just came back for incident crisis and then he's gone after crisis go controversial opinions Oh here in the end yeah so I'm talking about that unexcited the dance well we get any owner forget any China you know something I thought it'd be neat like no we don't have I'm actually interested in meeting sue and Ralph you give them an VW Moseley because he mentioned I happen to he mentioned sue and happened to go and find her and I would rather do that storyline for you know Kinda get so I have a question for Lois and Phil Okay so was that I don't know I miss something on Arrow was that I think it's about time my dad loves man kills here but I think it's about the same size I think they said this is like wider than in the graphic novels that's what we used to call them back in the graphic novels it will big plus the whole thing so I did notice that the joker highly that I got was kind of a different side they do with with Brennan leaving Superman their minds I don't know I'd so you're right it is the canaries because you need a black Canary Yellow Canary Siren series well female green and yet flat flash forwards on the show it's going to be him and felicity daughter yeah the backing of like if you hadn't read the company didn't really know the history I can give you say that Oh boy no I think he's going to be recurring every so often this then they may be a whole in series he has no room I saw that are they like stuffing in suit aw thank you Louis thank you because that was what I said when they announced that way healthy and so I get okay some of that I just want to focus on the flash housing would on trump did they didn't they announce that they're doing Arrow Yeah Tony Artisan earthlings his when Superman can travel in the past boop might drop visioned bear God on the flash CISCO IS IN COSTUME YEAH still salary that he did that I think it was selfish and it was a dick move oh I looked like in foam reverend there that's allowed how lex luther became good and that his descendant went into space over time go the last luther the L.

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dropped just became an by the way it's it's killer frost I don't care about that story man I get more about this than I do Caitlyn bite me again that's really on who actually hear about vibe anymore so he can't like feel in the by an earth is destroyed one else was saying he's getting his powers back then and if you look at the number the old wonder how leads any of that is the last two pages because you're okay because memory is so reliable memories never liable but I am I myself am adamant about the fact that it's it's such a gross assumption that opponents secondary sexual characteristic Richard about the whole history of the Marvel Universe if secret wars to it's fine spiderman stuff in Quasar thank you very important board of spider-man stuff what you I told you similar I don't remember that and read some of those things because all your mind ready talks about crush him say you know I'm Tony Generals were you ever went Red Sun offs yes it's Louder Than Evening Awesome Matt well great for now won't fit on the shelf and we don't have bad sport with Martin that'll be that mandate his Dan definitely has a tube sock family all the current is yes but anyway anyway what else Serb leader unreliable as galactic let me tell you when we'll get to that for super match earthlings secondary sexual characteristic bigalow so there's actually a man to me is always up for debate does right there l.

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and the Red Sun ways communist Rochester yes it's interesting I read the book I don't remember I know spider man and Venom Liliane superconductivity later yeah forgiving agree the Marvel Universe reliable married award well if he he messaged me and shot that he's like Oh my lord you know because placticisers talking to frankly okay no I know but I'm saying is that the the next officials monopolies Aaron Errands Yeah once arrows disappears I want a big man he's always last week he's a lot of weight like when I lose a lot of good take a hey that everyone see naomie Harris Gut cast for Venom to nothing at all this is a world of capes in lunatics and nothing is off limits series is like a mature mature whatever well now they're now now they've already said okay now just a ninety six page one shot Kinda sorta what's your face comes back I mean the combat Michelle was coming down superconductivity orgy he might be on a lot to talk about the marriage maybe greater than Galactic I craft she's not coming back okay well they can do that but they were getting shrieked I don't care about well triggers shrike in his arms as well as I wasn't good aren't over medical term actually I oh but I remember I was telling you about their their Jane where they're launching birds of prey on Rica okay what do you think what is going to be excited but do you think Los Shriek Lady bummer maybe maybe the name of the show he was not Mormon sign I'm wondering Shriek has yet sonic powers yeah that's kind of a I don't know it was passed it's like birds in the fate don't eat how the Clinton everybody got heard book while naked or play online to somehow we can make it work anywhere on the big Christmas it was I love potatoes so when I saw that it was like potato games they yes this is for knee pick the right one so yes big potato B for target they're not sponsors we will take your money to you like the man who just send us more game especially that target actually reminds me not to say mark waits on a fantasy girl orders is pay he mentioned the important stuff like this askelon anyway buying Leeman yeah I think it's just telling the kids stories but we're GonNa get the whole discussion there targeted ads channel.

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Leon Yeah we check out twenty has such a great gain are now once you go to buy that game said love that game to your local target into a mini series they were just like ongoing one shot nobody cares played out I don't think that they under Dan the cycle is other things finding their burn heraldic they burn deadpool out you know when they had to like they put her in everything hang out and then then Margot Robbie well I think diplomas we've only got a little bit over yeah if we would they would use issues you know I like to get you issues and then I can make an honest decision about the fullest but it's live action in the head to pay for it someone's getting naked role overnight for the next the premiere episode of Star Girl and didn't let on CW special event and then it was like for the rest of the series check out the petition do on he'd have you actually they almost only last like my my or jokes constantly thank you thank you yeah I mean I like the older the hard series did they are they still pretty that is men beyond beyond Harlequin both both among recall any hardware that show me your Harley I hope that star girl is more in a family ask nist though would like to watch it with my kids you know like the issue and I would grab it so I got two issues which I really love but you know very read that I like to put a book on the Pulis before thing and bring her back to form yeah give us an Eerie Harley Quinn nine she's out super no I have no idea what was my full lift so it was always just oh it's a new so you think you think you think they'd be dropping commercials every every commercial break for DC is that they take yeah but we're putting yeah but we're going to pay money for Disney plus and they're not going to be giving us that are they I want Old Lady Hurry I go GimMe Gimme party inside show me your book Old Lady Harley or do you mean the one from everything else is on DC universe words doomed already patrol or you know tightened were they don't tell the little questionable that'll have like a little kid around you know and quality content graphics you'll get yet well look for when it will mm-hmm did you guys hear about star girl she's got to be on the CW it Kinda makes sense if we're going to be like kind of touching into that small bill for Disney they've got the prestige label to to make the demands I think it's like if you're in yeah you know what I have I don't know that that's necessarily the case but more to the point they're gonna be giving us some good content give us under alimentary here's a sailor watch more episode with me but she did she was excited to see Robin so here's the rule if it's exactly friendly over at Tcu sure but that's how Tom Hardly animated that's definitely kid friendly something yeah language other sectors violence it's never salty later pay if you're paying pride in South Jersey man you can go down to Cape May it's almost tropical it's very nice almost tropical hello we're on our house April you don't see every five minutes you gotta find the next but I don't think we thought well that's not true all right I'm back next time Tom I will I will all right yeah let's talk some the harake lights are for what it's worth for what it's worth yeah I mean any it would it be nice if they did Komo deadpool one this'll be pg the worst and ever it's not GonNa be on DC universe moon at the bank just like I thought they'd never moved Willet I've been talking about war Ville the last four books yes this issue or the CDs you know humans are you know we have not come reply rope the IRA yeah but we let certain things we're GonNa pay our money NBC or how about what he calls his Co worker in the apartment now kind of desensitized and so ours union people who have found joy in the word of Avis and are trying to get back to crawl space I love a racist worshiped worship is the world the word of Avis is the head of the series for those who remember from last month there is a group of Eh really I mean the pluses like we'll give you like it shall never know bitcoin lay on the beach and the garbage global warming nowadays we barely get snow North Jersey anymore I got a piece spoiler venire gets shot in the head so and they did linger on it in kind of a grotesque way so that went on they were talking about they were talking about justice society on their Jay Garrick so it makes I mean where do you have a guarantee of what will be interesting they did something they did the pilot about it yeah well you know zoom patrol not watch with the kids swamp thing I'm not watching the kids Titans Titans are in the Solomon Oh car agency so awesome they may view on the show well yeah no they make the joke they they make very racist jokes he's like you gotTa Get Outta Love Florida as you all know the difference yeah go to Jersey let's just it'll be the same just colder Bob Bob is anywhere in the world guy you know it's a single vowel too hard consonants on either end and oh but of course we go there God's name's Bob what a stupid name for God God not like Jehovah That's a God thing able to pronounce it worked at Virginia now it should be something we can pronounce it should be very hard to pronounce it should be something yeah I mean I was born though maybe a little bit violent is that like I I don't see how you're like an art in the golden bears get your mouth overlords all you want from what its word how y'all know the rule no princess we have we have a South Jersey too titan fighting okay someone's getting no well spent language then maybe worse than anyone you're a bad parent like me your kids love that so yeah you put your on the job under some some some some of these species may have more vocal cords than we do but then it'd be but it's still going to be how we hear the word you know the joke is really anew that you are just sitting there looking at some stupid context of the joke they do as you would like to book stories why can't you pay attention like Charlie asks does ever be I don't know and this is oh look at this that makes you look stupid this is Charlie this is a series being written by humans so it's like you could name the race and again an actual you can write it anything term for Bob for God in in in a lot of fantasy novels and you know that you know at some point they call God it it just it's AC- race so you can make fun of them has oh hey that word sounds like a word that we have in our in our in our context yes when you're looking for that purpose in a religious ideology how first off some people can exploit that and people when I'm sorry daddy don't beat anymore la it's good because it does come down to this idea of why insane okay if you make this so it's like you know if you fight and so as an example you know you have you have Bob as us you know it's like no it's Avis you know but we can't hear that so you know we're the idiots that's the point in a language you don't even speak to make it there you go it's an alien greg which we shouldn't even be able to pronounce the name of their God or why shouldn't you be her out of the aggie w our who's making that no lives that's their course Zimmer was last time this hi pal it's Kinda thing Phil it's like there's only so many waged Combined sounds to make words some of them are going to sound Gordon Avis why is Jehovah that hard for you know but I mean how can you pronounce another language completely different lately they can produce significant four continents outside of our vocal range that is part of the name of Avis that we can't even here okay thank and why should that make you want to do evil if you do evil in the name of something good than it couldn't have been that good to start with so oh comedy Oh town but is it though style but it's still earth it's not a completely different planet in a different you know well yeah but how many bowel sounds do you think there are really the ads for books coming up from a dark horse you've got Count Crowley which is like really great and so now any kind of lives up to the height that's auto four part two of to the word of eight so they doing more ed to review on this but somebody you sure you didn't do it on your pants we might have talked about it at least one or two on superconductivity take it too far and other people can say you know if it is if it's if your faith is true if this really does give you purpose why should you care what other people it's really good as always like I say it's you know norval is a good movie TV series I can't see it on okay little from any book throughout I had no idea what the book is about but it's called strayed adding it's like some kind of cosmic cat and the Wacky nece that it indigenous the President Superman okay else I'm just saying nothing can be wiling other language violence and sex or like a daily thing while even on just on the news the kids are taking mischievous I tried to do it even if it's like this mobile it did fine okay did you read tales of the dark from the door multi verse Batman in a day you know where Bain Breaks Batmans back like you read that original might fall unlike Azriel was never that deep of thinker he wasn't a big planner he was basis krone which looks cool but it's like the third in a series I'm not sure I'm GonNa pick it up and just in this one actually this one of my favorites is okay why she doesn't like working memory I got union I got tonight I don't think it's growing and evolving time I guess okay lecturing about yes I in the Orville yeah haven't orb atomic so yeah some women these relive all the editor course you know it's like we're Batman didn't come back after nightfall you know as real took over Gotham and then it's like thirty years later in like here's like this whole system set up with lieutenant we see universe or something Kinda Cross promote because I'm hoping star girl commercial the books is reverse flash but he's the black flash in the TV show I don't need like the dark multi-diverse yeah did you read that one yeah it's weird I don't like it the album universe somehow or without paying off the money that goes with it but I mean I just love at the end of this I mean we see that wall these kids auto to worry about that here is in crisis yeah I never about but no nightfall I mean it was decent but it's like so do you think that's wanted to maybe joked about because they did name Avis I mean they could name it anything so put on them yes there's a comic book of Orrville UN low of none of your book.

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I did not I think as you might pick it up it's theory on is very much in the vein the trash is just a one shot now the reason the dot the dot multi verse I'm just like Yeah Yeah Okay Anyway let's see one mix well if they are always they always have at least two then running concurrently everyone marvel DC Medellin's original I'm surprised no middleman haven't haven't gotten the DC universe series yet Outlook yeah but but that's the whole problem like read-end ritual nightfall because they've been reprinted Batman for four ninety seven as like a dollar specialist we and patients needs love sets so want centers all men originally showed up in the books when wally was still the flash so on that or a miges too I some other here's came from another earth they were supposed to be more here's yeah they're like after the success of doom patrol at I gotta say that wow you know I think that's like the next logical step for them you know they might also of late night laughs I'm good I'm good walt rush forward to is kind of tied into that has like while traveling you know with the with the Hukou clarity of the crystal gems kind of like this idea of show you know you can do a story where we're making up what the qualities of metal art and then something like a really good young thunderball commerce Threaten it Dan also you know characters that embody it so you know I'm just saying this is Italian they're definitely agree like a lot in the thousands can stop basically running off them instead of Batman and just like if you read the original nightfall like Azra wasn't her systems a little better a high voltage board of of of Omni corpse yeah what else is kind of alive I know now I love that it's wally but it's I don't know I guess I can make it up to the wally fans for what they did have like a last ditch us it has a has a very fundable feels that she might have picked it up so this is the middlemen in the dark universe or multi verse Oh yeah very much so we I was on Amazon videos won't be able to pick it up insteps even those Dan he actually did a really good job I really enjoy the art bashing interesting story but I I don't I really enjoyed it but it also has to do with dark multi verse two titles can never nothing Amazon is giving their money from me I don't see why they're gonNa make it hard for me to use their products up maybe because we got the first one was going to chat and then it's like oh there's another one won't cool also I really want to give a quick shout out to all of the amazing thank you might have been like Halo fucking interesting Luke Warm Oh yeah but she got me interested not any of the unit NBC.

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At Very I can't think of one thing I'll show law and order Svu that's the only thing that I said I will ah these these punts now they get cartoons every day oh voted just the ball feel and we do have you did it that system in his head so maybe that I will always be the master they're always they famed their own death during the boom work and they are high rand I do miss that my childhood was the best everybody else can go home cry ashes behind the black because he got greedy in the comrex tournament tournament for the Brash but he was zoom he was wearing a black cost number one.

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Let's let's discuss okay what the freaking happen so cyclops has you will everything dark universe that you know you've heard of multi verse make up your mind DC it's it live that's it that's our loved grouch delay the growed are you didn't see the growth I was gonna say the only know NBC is law and Order Svu and like you know Saturday night if you've got nothing else they will turn on Saturdays it's kind of like having a rule comcast I mean it's probably not now but you know enough money need help I can get it on there for you can you know I know there's something I watch NBC but I couldn't tell you what it is I think that's the only thing anybody that I know what wrestling's on NBC.

00:47:27 - 00:52:15

I mean the affiliate universal the world doesn't revolve around you love Oh it'd be wrong old white men in Shirley has one a- and Wolverine is living with with Scott Gene Bronco Thirty Oh yeah okay yeah I those fantastic cyclops and like like the the summers family has like a House on the moon by right by the Blue Area the moon o'clock Wolverines Batman and Robin but rolling cyclops I would ship it more than I should will R- energy oh good to know good to know because I'm like I can break yeah wins that these are Disney plus will not be on Amazon fire is that true the cartoon like Cortina might be easier than Lebron yeah yeah yeah but they just seem like the at and T. Warner Brothers Ron with you ehlo Time Warner not a thing if gone doc wallet voices Mac GonNa Be Permanent Good -re definitely if Charlie just knock himself off or talking about excellence down the button this video make friends you know so if I saw the money goes I got I don't know what shall I even watch on the I like my hobby I just don't hardly plant I don't think that maybe it's less that hardly quit his ooh that is the best at what he does what I do when I do Hello we all do I know it's like kind of the point of it being a problem where it doesn't matter who the red headed would it be added I've never gotten attention that they show like I don't get it have tension with professor x even though as grows increasing has a thing for redheads at the time they got around the berry they're just they had the wall they play the whole thing in the season to the flash at first they made you think he was gay garrick and then he turned on his mind AWW EXCI- it'll be you know and you couldn't get sci-fi for a couple of weeks and then I got size you know anthro that thunderheads and power rangers and all that stuff have a great resurgence in that the cycle of Sidecar News Bert multi rather but it's Kinda is the way they made it visited no he got the replace them with asking me about why Hunter Solomon as you can finish is the all the all the short homicidal all of Anti Heroes have things were redheads Wolverine Wealth you're well it says so bad it's it's not a pump ever think for a red it's like if a red wig on a map the older dude doug any with actual source ruining by Jennings in your magic Oh yes jennings now Bob Jennings isle to see more of that's eight that that's true yes weird because guessing obviously Jean Grey is using her intense mental powers to manipulate everyone melanie but when you start like a like make you do things I can convince you that that was your ibn the whole time that when he Berlin three exit attack no I'm just saying is play I'm Bob Jennings because he's brilliant doug you see if you're an old man like me you know who got done any as you know it is this what you're saying because mind control is a super villain our Phoenix airport is in he like he had he had a whole disciplinary hearing about the whole thing was still alive so bright La control them on just reading minds it's invasive and it's creepy but it's not really super the thing is Dr Strain here but I mean the other you know and let's not forget senior Magic Oh Korea thorough series right now like partly they're like power man and Iron Fist Jessica Jones Moonlight shut while midnight show up next issue in here weans the weekly Halloween story things making good admitted good observation about the guys who are like you know I guess in this violates every previous candidate of Nikolas that all the X.

00:52:15 - 00:51:36

men are just crazy nut butters now it's just like a excuse to do you can come back well I think that's the thing it's like a whole cloning process he now it's like they're not right or whatever now I mean it's like they said all right so we'll if you're current on X.

00:51:36 - 01:04:25

Men Charlie read some house acts and powers of x get where the you have to figure this out like why but like their personal space but then like wolverines living with them doing genetic Mike Chicks these Georgia or your local meetings are looking for that you know that poor stormtrooper take in contagion we'll even though they're all acting weird all of a sudden containing which is also a great way like the way they're going about it is okay we're here we're here like it or not you know get get the out of our way if you don't like it you know here we come trying to go but are you talking about like I don't like is anyone picking up like villain Bob some or all these X. men everybody yes the character driven story instead of a punch Mer in twenty eight but but again and again the premises sound it's like you know trying to you know establish themselves as this power and it's like there's a way to do it but it just seems I'm channel incorporating my book who wasn't Creek Coa actually villain like in the original the this particular book that he more character driven than it's like well if you focus on gene sure but staten will reader just like I might have no personality Geico specific that's happening right now and I don't think that Hickman had the actual firm grasp of it kind of one of those it didn't understand yeah where they threw out some exactly what you always say about the mind control and yeah I think they were can you actually writing just wanted to love them he was ever get the name but it was so what it's one thing to be it's not it's okay to be lonely and the human contact it's not okay to demand Smith show up I think well if you remember thought they threw out a line in neither house of extra powers of x was like oh we thought it was evil but it's Oh this is a a search I remember I think the whole go to Cholla because there's a problem you know that's the only difference ourselves on so impede alcohol I'm thinking Hellfire become the marrying type all too human contact no matter how lonely you are hardly seen Harvey I mean one man's terrorist is another Nancy yeah yeah what it's all about control again the loop our Ooh out because you really you know here's the thing lovely was if you have the power to control people's minds that you say that 'cause I'm like yeah I didn't want to let you go if he poops cocaine does that mean in love it isn't even really a relationship or is that a quid pro quo or is that it depends all humanity basically though the human beings close wrong Nelson relationships I enjoy the myself but the fact that America's is that you know when you they clearly you built wrong wrong no you bet is not a hard barter it really interesting situation you find yourself our face will help are basically the best relationships with the ones you sound horrible everybody's saying a lot of things about absolute conscious number four building picking picking up they pay what is and where you actually don't see a opted for yourself we see positive for the got it I guess you know he'll Batman just be like the psychopathic kick your ass now camera office sort of okay well he's not here did you read US Superman Year one number three oh you've just been worn down and you don't realize that's just my take on marriage don't listen to me I emailed her because just like she suspected there they pushed that back again another week that number one I mean she's a lady so yeah more her I think she was she even said let's talk to her she's like she like I think they supposedly there's talk that they might push it back so look at look at what it doesn't interest word maybe that's it because I was like the first who seem kinda slow than this one seems like it rushed yeah and style when you think of that it was able but then then we saw the light but with each other yeah you can have something even beyond that so something I found funny this week is that I heard back make him a good man must be done with it why I covered I just wanted to I just wonder if they're gonNA try to redeem her seven V one woman seven fifty I did it was super rush it was way too much of the INFO dot in everybody hated eh the peace because it's you know the first half fours you know what will be fans out there oh you know what actually did pick up absolute carnage dead poor number three so if you WanNa Talk Down Wade's world tomorrow awards and is it was it just me like I couldn't get through this whole thing in one reading either put it down like at least twice and then pick it back up later getting up stay for the WHO Played Him Michael Shoe the guy was reports was the tentacles it was like no it's not oh the style jets just like they've been with the my goodwill or wonder woman showed up are we doing Batman v Superman now I thought I was I'm not I'm not faulting players philosophy I'm just saying you know now that there are other kinds of relations whatever it's boring is how it's Thursday and I don't care about thirsty I've been reading the regular wonder woman series but the anoc that it Miller right superman needs to be fired in not in the I know and not in a smart way just like I'm GonNa Punch Superman is like okay Batman he's trying to download it on his computer twenty eight Gig memory card and that's what we're downloading it onto we can't say did you see Loath Hellfire supposedly we are supposed to talk to Kelly Thompson but thanks guys guys guys walk not to be judgmental on your optimism it wasn't something that feels boring I'm just like I don't know if I'm enjoying this wonderful the whole thing with along with my disposal income will get right on that Russian who Latvia for Chief Wrigley Wonder Woman Book Okay G Willow Wilson Draining it's okay like I think you've got a little better but I don't care my wonder woman anymore which is a shame because she's the best we're gonNA look after the eighties Frank Miller's evolving grow right it's eighty twenty nineteen aspect a little bit if he jumps off camera can you hear me white man's Glenn he jumps off probably hoping to give it another miniseries on it or something but the fight another really having her but again there I whether like cashing in I mean I wonder woman the unseen cotton it seemed like the rush part and then it's like we don't get back the lax I mean I know they're probably setting the groundwork you know this is the Dark Knight Returns Universe and the these coming up on that guy speaking of that the witching cows or whatever that story arc is terrible it has gone on way too long a really only the third part of it you know Charlie likes stuff but I swear marble DC it's like a spider man Batman World Right now I want other spin off well again I think we

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