The Batman’s Grave #1, Superman #16: Capes and Lunatics Episode #126


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The Batman’s Grave #1, Superman #16: Capes and Lunatics Episode #126

This week your geek guides discuss various pop culture topics including:

Martin Scorsese and Jennifer Aniston bash Marvel movies

Rob Liefeld suing Disney

Wayne Brady cast on Black Lightning

DC Comics G5 timeline event

New comics including Wonder Twins #8, The Batman’s Grave #1, Superman #16, Spider-Man Love Mary Jane: Unexpected Thing, Batman Universe #4, Powers of X #6, Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated, Jughead the Hunger vs Vampironica #5, Joker: Year of the Villain #1

Show notes: The Batman’s Grave #1, Superman #16: Capes and Lunatics Episode #126

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The Batmans Grave #1, Superman #16: Capes and Lunatics Episode #126

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this episode of cape semantics brought to you by tweaked audience awesome headphones tweaked audio broadcom and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent off free shipping in a lifetime warranty or you can get there the link on our website southgate media group thought cau- i'm kelly johnston and you're listening to music when you're playing with your marvel masterworks toys anyway yeah so jennifer aniston oh ready to go and we back capes and lunatics episode one hundred and twenty six starts right now number three kids everything lois drunk okay yes because it's designed to be sabertooth so it makes me very very telling tableau but charlie s are also said he wanted to talk about well well between martin scorsese and jennifer aniston we've got a lot of people bashing comic book movies this week talk about some controversial figures in the news today well he will i was going to bring him up anyway coaching more monopolistic and much more lackluster based is creating a situation in which the big studios are making fewer and fewer films to make bigger and bigger blockbuster films very similar thing happened it's all right here ready to go it's me florida woman florida florida woman we got new here i am phil joining me as always the fasting bastion of knowledge from new jersey now she feels that there's just basically here's one thing i'll give her she isn't wrong the way that the studio system is becoming which i mean yeah jennifer aniston blaming comic book movies for her not working is kind of like her blaming a murder mysteries for networking well well not too long ago parts but you know when it's it's awesome jennifer's so it's so much cheaper helps your payoff per student so when win but no ah lucky numbers low-end welcome to the case lunatics most define and most informative podcast jew ever career she and they're not looking for her to carry a tenure ten year franchise either look see i'll tell you this right now i'll give it to you to make movies and this is the real caveat to make movies it's under proper to make a movie that doesn't make billion dollars what is profitable however is to create your own streaming service will you suddenly have lots of different kinds of stories you wanna tell and lots of different genres because you need a lot of it's netflix fair which if you're a fan of adam sandler enjoy he's actually every so often there's more than enough TV out there right now for jennifer aniston to be a very working actor said she wants to know if she can be but all right so the eighties kids but yes i wanted allie newark new jersey which is technically got him and wastes liquor up lilith hell for jennifer aniston i bet you you've ever done let's see the universe it's a you know it's one of those based on true events you know but like you know about lower today show thing on that yeah she won't be in the superhero movie i'm guessing maybe that wants to hear movie on you don't get into superior movie they start trash talking superhero i was gonna say content and you know so from jennifer aniston point of view that you know she he thing is just theories mainly netflix she's she is the the suffering pretty girl next to adam sandler in his right now we're getting into this field we're really looking we won we just wanna make a billion dollars you know because it's not as profitable career but i can't you know that's the thing about youtube sometimes it's new to you know me interested in ben ben really you wonder why he was so good in that role background now but yeah no but actually this is actually most fascinating aspects of this that i thought of course the real person to get the ball rolling she's on some series on netflix right now i think when when she complained about she's got a job exactly africa a universe that these are cinematic foams and they are if nothing else you can say whatever you want about them these phones are cinematic you know in the orlands ELF lately and we got into the definitely as he's a really good and hey it'll save you film studies degree what's that same way that michael bay is cinematic he is a big he makes big shows with big stories big set pieces that was up for pepper potts and didn't get back what if they actually kind of like you know they're in the same circle and they probably go for a lot of the same you think maybe it's older fokker trashing superhero movies the ones now you know now really great point and this mississippi versus how kevin smith between sobs yes is is a really great storyteller he is like totally into christ he just doesn't understand that there are other people that are really disturbed me is he made the point that basically last temptation of christ is a superhero film it's a superhero film because martin scorsese did you linzie LS for letting me know this on youtube with the big rise in musicals back in the sixties that's about but okay well sexual she's at news anchor and her male lowers the by the someone was making a movie i think it's a series i don't that he gives us a cause to be a better person what makes ferdinand a powerful figure isn't he gives us cause that is what makes christianity or islam or judaism or even i don't know enough about his philosophy was to be a better person that whether or not they exist or not is completely irrelevant to the power they have in your life the power these beings having your light is how they affect you on motion level can make you wanna be a better person to live a better life to be a more complete human being you've never seen any of the transformer films i've seen clips of them obviously but yeah and honestly if meghan fox bit me walkman and robert downey junior said well actually it is cinema it's in the name the marvel cinematic you can ask me all you want the facts is that people that what makes christ powerful religious figure is donald was martin scorsese who also is working he's just not working in film when it's not like he made cinematic films to start with you know people have home theaters in their house now you know you make a film for net flicks it's gonna be it's gonna be seeing a net flicks and seeing the powerful story whether you're wearing a cloth or your wing heights bring coming back get the best of both worlds over is this making facts actually have a large i don't know okay i don't know kazini understands is that that's the future you can do your big budget road shows you can do your i would probably sue because it would know who was because they don't want to be built yes it's very nice sitting his the panos leading now since moving gas you know yes so it is cinematic but devon smith certain about hinduism but i'll guarantee it's in there too that you know the idea is i as a person is a human being have a connection to on so yeah i mean you know scorsese can say what he wants but the fact of the matter as you know if you wanna make on it's on you know that movie will make more money for netflix it's in the long term because they're going to run that thing for one hundred years now and they'll have that something i can be greater and that's a story we tell ourselves and it's a good story and it's a powerful story and a good powerful story is yeah but i mean at the end of the day every it's all business it's like what you know what martin scorsese movie or what jennifer aniston rom coms making a billion dollars the big thing but you know again it's cachet you know what really complaining about is that the cachet of being the seattle has no long perched up for punching glove you know that's kind of his joker movie where if you play a psychopath in yours psychopath mm-hmm anybody in the NCAA i'm just you know this could be building somebody's career well yeah they'll be gone a little bit note no need they'll do something that'll make you go that guy could actually be an actor if you wanted to old people abbas connor schmaltz you know you can have your cinema experience but at first run you know stay up all night go their big thing of popcorn and really enjoy the moment but the fact freddie has his career you know what are you going to bash something else just because you don't believe in it you know maybe that's also help build their movie career i think it's a lot of adam the clown lil little fire your thoughts on martin scorsese were jennifer aniston both have they're both working yeah but i mean charlie they they've already had their success it's like why do you begrudge someone else for having success even though it's demanded that scorsese's lettuce which i'm really excited to see annette flexible get what it's called now but it's you know yet the same old curmudgeonly fine he doesn't understand the new reign on you know dinosaurs i can they're all for a hundred years in constant rotation and the fact of the matter is is that you know busy may get more up front but they're going to get it's never diminishing returns uh anyway then the disney bashing continued because rob lie fields said something about no no no 'cause i heard an interview this week with jennifer aniston he's on some foot series without was it to work with adam sandler the matter is the real money is in as on the back end and as mobile has always known the real money is in the t shirt sales the sweetest problem just ed pull you know he's co-creator on deadpool what else you know they don't give you just because you're the co creator comic books that's that was kind y you're not getting you're not getting jack and to me very you know well you know what a fair stanley did get money on that because he well and their defense i mean you everything drunk accurate oldest works for too much longer although to be fair you know martin scorsese is adapting jennifer aniston isn't that neat none of the marvel movies making a billion dollars well they make a million dollars but it costs a lot too and the fact back now wrong at yeah i'd be added value will give me a graphic of hardware i don't know if that's a but but yeah she's on some show you know it eventually all the moral movies are going to get a disney plies gave blu rays you have you know that that's why suit 'cause that's what's he got there he he didn't get like it's like he doesn't win you see that you know the money he gets for the you know himself to do it was met at stanley because stanley figured out that if you go out there and you're mad huckster you know everyone owning disney they get having a lawsuit against disney holding their feet to the fire which was ironic coming for the man who can't draw feet exactly enough another i didn't even bother inside you know let's get some producer credits on some of these movies and stuff well exactly because you know not for nothing he knows that you know as much as anyone might love classes yeah he went to sos i done this much better on the high bar swing thing but i mean what if tom hall and is on even bigger things from this oh you well that's why we're eddie i felt like i said i mean without knowing what he's really arguing yes you know and i always got a co-creator stanley stories probably only the skeleton of them would be used which ironically is usually what stanley actually says he wrote he wrote justin they didn't even ask me true i mean untrue martin scorsese there's all these other bannister hughes odom bed full i they didn't narrow the they didn't go the detail because maybe because it's an ongoing you know lawsuit but i would assume it's as you but if you're super affable and you can sort of negotiate yourself into that publisher emeritus status which is what he got it's nothing nothing but you're assuming martin scorsese wants to build up the people's careers you donate once careers but he success read now he's gotten so out hellfire just had for you what i don't think there was that much to flush black suit now that's a character that's that's i mean he's not fat you know that you can make an argument boba fett we know grandma why are they trying to give you know you know may maybe this is going to build somebody's career you know i mean i know it's like yeah i think he's probably just as bad outrage you he's mad he didn't get an estimate solo scores elton this story jackley out then he wrote then here's mother wrote in the dialoguing the mobile method and uh-huh lifestyle probably came up with like the look and stuff here but that's that isn't famous goes ooh lewin the frigging justice league home mortgages blue and any of the small adaptations was he in any of the other ones and glow but if you look at teen titans if you look at the popular presentation novacare cryptovest stroke he's using redden black he's even white thousands percents character design he's ready to red and black death stroke strokes reading tests show that's stroke isn't read what fix cooks better the drug brar waiting on gagnaire couple years you know who cares yeah i was gonna i mean yeah that's the thing i mean it's like you know the people who can't adapt their you know usually a one c you don't see him yeah now when you make the bitch the thing again you know you're gonna bare skeleton for guys groping rocket one comes back a pile rocks based on characters by stanley he only got that because he got you only got money from those films because he got a producer credit yeah he negotiated himself read the article because it's red lights out what is is i mean the dead pool utility is not getting the percents spiderman is yeah that's where the billion dollars well i don't think he was complaining that much we saw his movies and he's like oh hey the guy was the guy that says that he wrote like everything harlan ellison said approach the man is a guy armor yada yada yada university said and that's that's what that's what stanley they sold for me and you actually read his stories that that's not what that movie is in the slightest in fact it's like you can find like six other movies that are he signed the muscular night i said he signed he signed the deal it's like if stan wasn't getting money off these people occurred especially now it's hey when it was a box he what was he saying not much but now the disney's dead poison hey hey who position to be the guy that was pushing for marvel productions and marvel studios he bought me he busted his home he's like i'm not going to get any money on the heroism and madness here the line fades to nothing at all this is a world of capes and lunatics nothing is off limits arnel is what i'm saying now his be destroyed his yes i know he also has a cast nets will he made ironman jason that the days exc but he did not write that story although he did write several other stories in a in a children infinity that right the thirty gets a nickel worst that sounds fair to me i felt like that's story which is the actual story that really looks almost exactly like the matrix but i mean yeah you're right i mean there's some of the people go for the money yeah but again it's you know you know this is why they wanna stay at least greater i am a big believer in creator's rights and the story he says it is it's not i know other short stories like awakened the thunder which always say is the actual inspiration to the matron are like that it's like wasn't he one of those ones who went the image back in the day with with mcfarland all them i mean look i mean love hate macfarlane i mean three hundred one issues a spawn he eight or six other short stories that have been written that are way like i think he says he wrote the matrix the matrix matrix was taken from one of his story like didn't was that fabian yeah that was easy but wasn't the other guy was the record arlen makes his bank because arlen hustles he went out and said you know i'm gonna make sure if yeah you know oh oh bull oh the the statistics i'm sorry what was it a star trek episode under that's the terminator nets this this this made him another universe any in the universe of matters university titans he's reading you know what you know what happened any respect the senate now okay so anyway but no but still okay so ridden black death stroke with all sorts of here sounds like kind of all the choices with with that boss like the guy who actually created dead people dead pool is dead pool al you could say life the late wilson yeah slim he's written team that's always i know the guy from but i always knew that young creator critters rights usually have the weakest cases it's hair people where you i do my stuff its own i'm gonna make then i'm going to actually make toys on the side for twenty some years he's had a book come out every month you know he does the toys yeah he didn't like his the all marble so he can't whenever the image started this thing and i'm sure that there's a lot of he probably had some kind of advantage they're merging the two characters so that it's going to be like you know what if captain america was a black guy and whatever yes that too there you go well this is going on it's tyson crave the figures spikes i guess he's he's kind of like playing like a captain america is like a captain america care but he didn't come home after the war or something after world war two did not want to go back to america he says i'm thinking back to america where i can't drink the same fountain now so he goes to some other country sir before did you see go cast for black lightning wayne brady oh yeah he's going to be on the villain you know if you don't need to get a real job you have health care you can pursue art if shirley free health diggers one is the sex character who i believe might have been the black one the other one was another guy the first guy is bigger who is sort of the the captain america pets we don't split your time canada though conscience lilith still here released trying something new excited about it about tobias you know here he never wear pants again pants for business meetings you know but i would if i if i had free health i okay so here's i read the article yeah we break said i'm going to read that article so there are two free healthcare you don't need a real jobs and that's where all the greatest that's why i want to get myself to canada man artery out to seem like they kept focusing order but it's something good come out of the story okay do i pursue my james order like a real job you know 'cause you split your time you split your time and you know that's what happens man you've got to get have to worry about my kids and that's me that i want my kids able to pursue their dreams so it's like i want them to i don't want them to have to like i did have but it's actually pretty cool i mean it sounds like a cool character and the way they've created him they note the might of the parts that existed in the dc focus going through the eastern european countries so at least at least they're trying love you know i was getting i thought they were kept doing the same thing over and over east knows called bigger was a member of checkmate extol sincere roman got powers and he actually had like mind control powers in put more syllables in a word without bottles they just hit keys on the keyboard i'm just saying how do you put a bunch of syllables in there without so are we saying the fifth dimension is in eastern europe the wing or something in okay arash routine you had no can float i was thinking i was just i just had this thought well outside a couple of hours ago like yeah the the rumors been flute and charlie that would be totally with that mr mix apart it's not an autumn fair off his say in colorado sony grundy the guardian the degree he turns green committee see film i will focus on and then we'll have mr mix applets part of it were you want to sort of make a country for meta humans so basically making what if captain america where magneto and black are marcus garvey letters long remember many syllables so i don't mind you having a lot of consonants new names autism their premieres always spots the premier the order it was just coming in here that's true a little here what's the what's this DC thing they go on with the timelines was g fibers technically a robin apparently robbing rhymes with robin so i had no idea what he was patrika find themselves on grundy make him the guardian of the green you have your hulk it does make room for the green tonga man who's he made sewn in grundy green duke so so was it just hit me today they're trying they're trying to create their mouths morales on their own homes don't forget there ever ongoing is lift driver would have driven right into the wall and that's why you had the red bulls family grow his body from like marijuana plants anchor denied these it was the ninety s it was rabbit a hamlet about it we're gonna bruce wayne and you have a black bat the you know what they're trying to do right they're trying to create in the shut gotta keep an eye on that 'cause you gonna do act but is gonna blow ooh how the wonders wins doing you know what it never got pulled it's an seems on john lewis got some bad marr- marriage will wanna or something that were true true we just make try to make everything every cannon you know kirby cannon and didn't they say or are they try to replace some people harley quinn okay look i'm sure yeah on a big merit yet record i don't you shut your comic then number eight it will still going or not yeah it's a DC comics every week in racine ad for dive in her i haven't seen articles rewrites who did some comics yeah okay feels comics winner comes in anything that the closest i saw to a hint at it showing up in the naomi was action you know it's important to put her on the suicide squad which on her head didn't see it i didn't see it now also try to be more responsible in my comic book buying so i haven't seen it i haven't heard anything about it i wasn't even sure if so china amount of people wanna talk doctor doom yards bad bad bad idea downers is never a good i'd be shouted out a warning 'cause i saw on facebook choose like yeah cute cute lift driver but he they didn't really i mean i never hear really anything except for like young justice and like again i mean naomi's been shown idiot was my eighty nine is actually older than me if it's high school classmate nine but my junior high was classmates so as like kindergarten classroom crack oh my gosh whether you're younger than me was like merrill he smelled like marijuana fucking trap it's a trap that coming up with like they'll still be around in different roles dislike will love luke if dick grayson as batman fair everything is canon in the aero verse as we as we saw today the keaton verse is can into that multi taking action comics and stuff so i really i wouldn't see anything keep it's still going besides you know young justice in naomi in mouse morales are gonna be gone right assigned robbins is black right degree arrive and he's and it's but he's it wasn't your point maybe sounds the old here now can you give me or not surprised me if you actually got a last second scene with a michelle pfeiffer and michael that would not shock clean about tom welling actually show up in crisis that means wonder twin athletically hannan and hannan in the inch i'm just saying they could get rosenbaum they're going to get like gayton rosenbaum they had the picture of michael keaton on sayer i'm saying you can have you i'm sure they can use his picture but you're not going to get michael keaton himself on her gonna have like a black batman okay and it just hit me you know what they're trying to wipe refined i'm gonna be in there and not to not to be a horse that is no longer with us worse in different career stage for michael rosenbaum i bet i love you never know might michael keaton he's a sport you know i mean he did birdman he did vulture visit as tokyo take a drink that's kinda kenya forgot your victory yeah that that's it anti-drug thing too it's like look how crazy he's at battery going on on the attendance friend was like at school and he was all freaking out aren't the ago was it that that that wasn't there that batman show the bat or gloves where did it on the floor comics yeah so it would kind of took community that show ended because they're now they're just characters here especially actors of a certain age because they know that a certain point that is your bread and butter is the candy they couldn't kim me in the slightest out applaud it wouldn't surprise me there visit here's the thing you have to remember actors actually love cameos mm-hmm start to get it for news articles about it'll it'll go reinvasion surprised me to see him in it you know i i mean i'll be honest with you the most fascinating thing i find about this entire multiracial pingers because oh hey you know bat woman we want to play this this this this show up so let's make her important so thank god rockies holding the one foot rule or the one part rule applies they need to answer now but they had nothing to offer i've dying and stuff like that that yeah no i think i think this book is on the way out because they are ignorant vibrant in had been in previous missions go ahead with it was great that they made it still can it you know like okay all cannon across reloaded how much of it seems to be engineered batman start so why why between that woman and burt ward and we wonder if that woman kind of heaven conroy storyline they're going to be telling me the thing you know minute a small family like saving movie so that kind of null and void the contract and they got about gambling habit who they are putting on appear michael keaton michael keaton isn't worried about brand dilution at this point he's actually looking for can i get my i get my mug on picture from disney and sony so i mean there is either one of them going to be audited you're not gonna you know i don't breath making a bad overs where you have to connect the bat sl- plus it plus for bruce winning her universe alert for slow in high school what are they putting attest union four burke for other unless the alumnis fascinating i just don't go into but then i decided to give it a try and it's like it's twelve issue series but it's like it's like a murderer jim warren ellis with bryan hitch art yeah i mean it looks great i mean it's it's like a murder mystery the batman seems have solved the mystery already at the end of the first issue i'm like already doing fuel that the tongue but no take tourists are you know i think i think that quite frankly i'm not saying he's going to be in it i'm just saying everything got got night long showed was that was that article a pet article they'll they'll mention the universe but you won't oh actually i i thought they seem to be much more laid back about the stuff nowadays because we do see that you know marvel keeps on pulling DC people over in some way every door pirate technically i need that woman i'm sure they went to like give her a big put turn a little if you we we were talking superconductivity last week did you read superheroes millennium to last week i i wasn't bad i just i don't want him send jonathan ken to the future but i mean sir and burke those are the only two people that do it for the love happened but if nothing else he was bolted movie in a in a co co funded you know he knows killer is but i do prove it then you actually have batman worry about rules evidence for once i mean our being very they can call it word right now we do it ah the ugly literally wind violators names reach i wanted like eleven excuse me there's doing a lot of superman forget that man it's been what we're getting at least one that crash yeah i meets up with damian what the hell big now over richardson here where he's like sometimes he's old sometimes okay so he's seventeen now is he seventeen in the legion of super heroes story too old supergirl to now events tyler on teamwork for team is where you should have stayed so yeah at least three super well i'm honored they're like no no no we don't want you want your son so did what oh leave superman they wanted his son was when i said what people like if you want to see jonathan actually created universe probably by the books in what happened i'm just something you know can i take slipping here going to be there have you this maybe that are shown a note either he just got divorced or he really needs what was the third superman brandon it's in the it did this because this this this you know the guy would come out and because this that you know for remember sousse oh yeah and it's the last season era too they wanna give stephen a mental big sendoff by lenin play with a batman maybe while there you go this much if you actually put i would love the future gone they are i know hey lowest did you read the batmans grave number one now back to the moment when the whole universal federation or whatever get started and you know we want you the hero who came up with the come with us and superman the maybe anonymously sent him something you say hey i don't want money from i'll say yeah i mean i mean we're always complaining about we want detective that man i mean a lot of these issues him like going over the the like john we'll know allen bird honestly you went into space with allen you know tommy wind stuff happens and he comes back he's like seventeen great marvel oh yeah well is it the way can we like we bought for the mood and the kid you don't just no you can't yeah i think it'd be automated on let them i would love to see i would love to see daming comeback as or or luck that made it that a possibility that maybe lie felt didn't have that but still canadian privilege oh man canadians yeah quing reborn good marble but only on did you read superman sixteen yeah the now jonathan i don't super boy was in allegiant one point yeah so i this is ben is trying to do a modern take instead of clark kent as a teenager it's his his son is judge and that would be awesome 's name just totally embraced the revenue i'm not i'm robin i wasn't i wasn't conscious power worker his lover can sure so franken time wrong is the flake no dealer person in here like basically with him as elfriede make pay us in now i mean it's again only the first issue so far i mean a lot of the issues him like going through the murder scene trying to piece together and like try to think through like try to see through the eyes of the victim and you know and in the superman issue he says gone into john he's like hey dave obamacare they have a bad person in the future he's like because all go oh come titans from DVD's but i mean so ship and jonathan to the future love ooh i'm just like ruby's boyfriend from seven hundred i'm sorry look sounds betas at the tween years the other the other leeches superheroes basically came back and they're like oh we has car year ten going to be our modern day super boy then baking accent run our entrusted with vendors looks like a bathing compared to the other t.

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was crazy well innkeeper names like muscle hi everybody uses like auburn robin costumes available duck boy now act like twenty six years old i'll booster gold out just to our teenage son now instead her own fantasy TV this is jeremiah joker is his take on joker but as a sort of split to face character he's here okay so bizarre was was a miles morales now this he's very much use joker so this is uh-huh it's the redwoods it's the it's the jason todd red hood mixed with the original joker at her i don't know if this is just one tap yeah versus like that burke okay i think this is the young kid the old west i federal savage the lead you need he's putting in a lot of this low right exactly my beloved time travel even when they don't have time travel they time travel burkard those notable cowboy heroes are you i'd say the lessons of tomorrow and after he got the idea fight lunar marvel guy over and he's wallace is very low calorie the sometimes but i didn't think i would enjoy that man universe because it's like batman and time travel but i'm i'm kind of enjoying this controversy mary the movie you know the onion sure did bell i remember her like every now and then i have to persian the one you're talking about i never run weather years younger kids yes yeah kid managing oh okay i yeah i think that they are not something special there and really yeah that that it was better than constantly team bite me like i don't care it's going good it's what i'll say you know it was better than constantine the lady thinking when i mean it's just but this issue is just basically that man how jordan and gerna hat capanna fresh out for federer once i thought they had a spider man loves mary jane before cohen unaccepted yeah yeah exactly the yeah you kind of it's kind of along the lines of we're why order novel were you were talking about i don't know been talking wolf talk the batman i'm sure no one read powers of x number six the nicholas cage he's a lower kinda guy you'd be overweight me knowing very widely incorrect fi conroy the interest kind of situation makes marriage popular i don't care where's the li- like romance but did you see the film must've put something up about that this too both in providing above and beyond the stale subject matter now they've spilled the concept out in the tenor so books the results will not be the same they're all okay point the red 'cause shoplifters will be liquidated it's from actor shot comics it's four dollars oh she's you know she even thinks ourselves you know to say the meeting race i basically have to break this good man and make him you know were evil but she's i saved it he was like house of x.

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was smoke and mirrors for its run its success was achieved on the talent of its to artists you know what i wanna see i'd rather see the trigger twins arm halloway like caregivers there there's a bridge land are you know whatever they say keeps you can list your last couple years i'd say is the most well-known i'd say he's she's like i can't see any other way to say the race other than the turn exuberant eat in the even more of a dish it wasn't short trip issues the last issue what are they really going where they seem to be pointing at the end of this issue who leviathan is or rock ravenna fokker coon about it and then this one is just davor so those are two bits of trista anyway wasn't maoz morales era fe man ullmark grew also it was the last one but yeah i mean basically it's what we metag's like she's basically manipulating exterior under before you so you know that was an actual on demand hunter with candle ending now creating stories are or the pages basically just judge drag working amazon which well i'm sure you didn't read event leviathan right actually caught up i know i know the be in doc free green lantern man hunters like a human but weaponry from the mammoth hunters it spun out of that whole millennium thing now he's watching legends of tomorrow it's okay because the job i had seen the while literally alleged monroe in about oh you have to do my indios well so he's still eating wackos in the news or not so in this hour grapes confirming his nine jus just waiting yeah we're there well and she knows you know the the previous timelines she's lived through so so she whatever so chocolates was liquidated rick were data that will come into play atma not to be rude on this but you really want a mysterious man hunter you it may really enjoyed it just like their lives together like you know we don't really get enough of american compacts them it's kind of all just go get them tiger like kinda very worn five eight from the future when you try czar like oh you know you know cavemen versus statesman it's not even fight the estimate year it's lovely own suit but i'm just saying the another nationale hunter one other martian that survived the martian apocalypse and sean consumer charissa twenty clicks or other margaret army ramsey bader true okay so it's like which man hunter as he pointed to okay we're increasing everybody's going to have to work at amazon pretty that's kind of like wow this story south park episode where they land back amazon where they came for me personally i love you too came from me yes i need to have amazon prime okay i don't care at the work repeating powrie bottles okay russia is showing up on supergirl why not congressional showed up and aero though yeah so i mean you spend us i mean you know everyone space we say in the kate spencer will current hundred visit air man hundred before you wasn't there got like a millennium china basically a guy grabs alien tech in the easily comes like a vigilante or whatever oh he's booster gold okay version tear johnny thunder keeper thinker johnny other started they currently it's just that it lay it is cut off the minute vetted late out the villain buy one get one free anna buy one get five for what is it now you're the villain doom rising the i have a bachelors and doom i'm bachelor do human factor like doctors per room so not much mark yeah if he's a shape shifter he you know he disappeared where do you go oh no i didn't seem leave yours uh-huh oh no human target yes that's exactly what i was thinking that present the no there's greg avenue beyond rhetoric and mark shower and i remember like the late eighties there is mark shaw so i guess any of them you know maybe dependences point to any of them i don't know oda lewis's father general lane was working with them i get working for them all year round packers having undergraduate doom who's this rob southgate he's it'd be mastered you guardian ghost rider having conversation for nicholas cage terrible terrible yes zeros cannon oh man what a well whoever live in is they guess they should saying you know if you wanna do a man you know what mark shaw showed up and on thursday evening not thinking about a courtroom rob southgate she'll now be referred to as master doom hashtag master do make it happen didn't didn't wasn't wasn't that the man hunt wasn't wasn't the original man under didn't he get manhunter a title for martian manhunter you was a martian manhunter he hoped in that one world superheroes i am reading everywhere for one hundred superman i should be overweight with all the scenery he chooses got a regatta turn will be like a everyone monday listen they keep the lunatics episode one twenty six and find out why rob southgate is now offer hummer i mean twenty twenty got the first two or three of angel but yeah so yeah we could save it so droppin making half in riposted nassar he does not create yet southgate media group people all right the word has been given i'll say that for the summer i'll give me time to pick everything anyone else got books that shoutout opens it does all are you reading the bucky in the angel or not or do you want to can get joker are john carpenter you're the villain if you like your gory jokers this is people were saying this is way this should be more controversial than that you know walking peanuts one another they once used that word seventy years ago and we have reprinted it ever since i wanted i just do a fine where he aclu on along margins than the whole top sucker you know it's another marsh like margin it isn't us finistere house number one this year powering special they have a new i see i didn't know the addison for house he hasn't secrets new us are how are you if you're very shocking i think they know ending they wanted to have in mind and i have the best of both worlds but reaches for worse well he does have a very very popular film out at the moment doing well because otherwise it would have just been set did you know just with all the joker issues coming out just enough already deadly appetite for joe yeah ours good joker actually it's kinda that's that's just by leaked through but yeah it it added alcs oh yeah because you know they're kip saying the very they're not by DC book so we already iran actual serial killers are we have better in the roads like zaza and stuff but i mean joker jokers got their brand name you know i think harleys than that one of the atom for all these crazy story mr incurred your yeah but it's like people are obsessed with like like serial killers and stuff you know like the you know you see all these like podcasts in corporal do no you can't you can't cap rate the word do unless you put dr in front of it lighteners duck vince you coaster dr drew they will it will sue because they are that was that was a doctor ju it's original aims market the joker and heart his girlfriend harley davidson the joker and kevin smith's daughter comments but that's the carpet i didn't that was john carpenter the year the villain joker is jumped by john carpenter and it definitely you know in fact mr d.

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the hunger vers damper on a number five is out you don't make him cry so i can continue out here case we're doing okay everyone send your thoughts on morton scorsese worse what it could open again i mean i bashed oh you're very welcome now did you read it i gotta go pick it up tonight i heard that they don't know okay lilith is i was just giving has a moment to talk about DC oranmore urgent i told you see all right we're going to like everybody else charm video the nice panties hey don team gas i mean i'll pick it up eventually say cookies done baking yet volley wanna know if you're buckingham you know everything so those just trust me if i was if i blacked wasn't giving the people what they want i would just he wasn't are i can't the he would love hey i didn't grow this mustache just for me the world our modern-day thomson and lunatics and remember watch us live on our facebook which is over three hundred lakes now thank you very much and i think side one of these lovely people or myself you know senator send your questions in and follow us you can find all of our social media links torre ta public store that's right you buy lunatics t shirts find all the links at linked tree l.

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