Issue 41 - Carol Danvers


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Before Captain Marvel drops in theaters this week, listen to Anthony & Doc dissect CAROL DANVERS! This is our heaviest episode yet, as we take on Carol's history and issues with authority. You won't want to miss this one - listen now!

SHOW NOTES: (Please be advised that we offer a trigger warning for sexual abuse/rape victims for this episode.)

  • Introduction

    • Shoutout to AnxZenity – Gerald’s battle with anxiety & panic disorder – (4:30)

  • Background (4:57)

    • Carol Danvers created by Roy Thomas & Gene Colan in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968)

    • Originally an Air Force officer working as head of security of a missile base alongside Dr. Walter Lawson, the alias of Mar-Vell, aka Captain Marvel

    • Gets caught in explosion of a Kree device called the Psyche-Magnetron, sustaining serious injuries – healed by Captain Marvel, she returns with superhuman abilities

    • Originally, abilities manifested themselves without her conscious knowledge

    • Now calling herself Ms. Marvel, she works as a human-Kree hybrid, she joins the Avengers

    • Was unaware she became Ms. Marvel until some time later

    • Avengers 200 – she is kidnapped by Marcus, the son of Immortus, and brought to an alternate dimension where he uses machines to seduce and impregnate her – their “son” rapidly ages to another version of Marcus – he takes her back to the alternate dimension after the Avengers believe she’s fallen in love with him

    • She returns to Earth after Marcus dies, and she’s attacked by Rogue, who absorbs her powers and memories – she confronts the Avengers, saying they did nothing to stop Marcus from brainwashing her

    • Lived without powers for a while, and helped the X-Men as a pilot

    • Gets experimented on by the Brood and becomes Binary – gains the power of a star

    • Later loses her powers, and uses the name Warbird – becomes an alcoholic after getting depressed about the loss of power

    • Returns to the Ms. Marvel name after House of M, and joins Iron Man’s side as an advocate for the Registration Act during Civil War

    • Joins the New Avengers after Secret Invasion storyline

    • Becomes Captain Marvel in 2012, and rejoins the main Avengers team

    • In Civil War II, she leads the heroes who want to use a pre-cognitive powered individual to arrest people before they commit crimes

    • Revealed last year that her mother was Kree, and the Psyche-Magnetron revealed her latent powers, rather than fused her DNA

  • Issues (14:44)

    • Her assertiveness is used against her by some men - Been a target because of her positive traits

    • Carries the mantle of Captain Marvel and all the associated baggage (28:50)

    • Marcus incident and fallout from that (39:30)

  • Treatment (47:53)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (56:13)

  • Skit (63:04)

  • Ending (69:37)


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