CARAVAN Season 2 Update + Introducing ROGUE RUNNERS


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ROGUE RUNNERS is an actual play podcast which adapts your favorite games and other media to tabletop RPGs: delivering collaborative, improvised narratives blended with gorgeous audio storytelling.

Volume 1: “In the Blood” parodies roguelike HADES while playing it as a 5th Edition D&D campaign. It tells the story of four wretched shades battling their way out of the Underworld for one more chance at life, set in the world of the original game with a new story.

In the Blood meditates on the questions of punishment, redemption, and making the world better within unjust systems. Fans of mythology, queer fantasy, and improv comedy will find a lot to love in the show. While the adventurers roll dice and the show makes many loving references to the source material which inspired it, audiences need neither be fans of HADES nor D&D to fall in love with our four player characters and cast of zany mythological NPCs.

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