Episode 94 - Magic Online Championship & Legacy


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Fellow Irishman Fergus Looney returns to the cast. He updates us on the health of MTG from a game store perspective. We share our thoughts on the MOCs Modern metagame, Legacy, and whether Deathrite Shaman is ban worthy in Legacy. Other topics include WOTC coverage, the rise of Fortnite, and much more!

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  • Name that video game clip - 1:21
  • Gus working at a game store - 8:46
  • Magic Online Championship - 12:25
  • Legacy & SCGWOR - 29:32
  • Is DRS ban worthy? - 34:30
  • The rise of Fortnite on Twitch - 44:26
  • Cardhoarder After Dark - 53:59

Gus's Twitter: @fergus_looney | Nerdai Irish Nerds podcast

WCW vs NWO Podcast

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