CSZ Podcast Season 2 Debut: #WeWantToPlay 


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On the season 2 debut of the CSZ Podcast, brought to you by 4 Pegs Beer Lounge and Shack in the Back BBQ we come to you live from the Custom Multicades Studios! Our guys Jeremy, Dalton, Sam, & Joey came together a day early to support the young men playing college football! No Higgy or Shawn though, sorry....

The guys go over the days news of the possibility of no College Football, TJ Lewis, Jamon Brown, and the Debbie Downer Bryce Hopkins. We had a lot to say!

The CSZ Podcast is brought to you by 4 Pegs Beer Lounge, Shack in the back BBQ, Derby City Lawn and Landscaping, Fitness Market, Custom Multicades and the Jamon Brown Foundation!

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