177: Don’t ask God what you can do for Him. Ask Him what He’s already doing and how you can fit into the work with David Gullotti


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Happy May 14, 2018! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from October 16, 2017. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser

David Gullotti joined the C12 executive team in 2014 with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, franchise, and entrepreneurial startups. In addition to serving as Marketing Director for a multi-billion dollar firm, he has served as CEO and President for several entrepreneurial organizations. Most recently, as COO, he was instrumental in transforming an unprofitable $8 million company into a solidly profitable $25 million business in less than five years. In addition to his leadership prowess, David is a seasoned life and business coach with a BA from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and an MS in Christian Counseling from Cairn University.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [2 min 26 sec] Tell us about your family. Married 10 years. Father to two great kids (one son and one daughter) both under ten years old.
  • [4 min 3 sec] Tell us about your current vocation and how God has led you to this point in your career. Currently VP of Market Development for C12 Group, a for profit fee for service organization that acts like a ministry. C12 focuses on facilitating mastermind groups populated with Christian business leaders and CEOs. Goal is to help them help each other to grow the profitability of their businesses while at the same time enable them to reach others for Christ through their businesses. Dave’s job is to recruit new mastermind group leaders, known as chairs, for C12. God prepared him for this work by saving Dave while in his mid 30s. Business-wise, Dave has worked for Fortune 500 companies and for companies with franchising models. Also has Christian coaching degrees.
  • [6 min 54 sec] Biggest career challenge: After receiving masters degree in Christian Counseling in 2008, Dave thought he was supposed to go into full time Christian service. God did not make available any opportunities to do so. Dave became angry at God, and for a time he took matters into his own hands. Later, Dave learned that he wasn’t yet mature enough for the work that God had for him, which was his current role at C12. When Dave was ready, God made the opportunity available. We often are double minded about whose wisdom is best: God’s or ours. We say that God’s wisdom is better, but we act as if ours is better. God won’t give us the wisdom we ask for until we truly believe that His wisdom is best.
  • [12 min 09 sec] What was your biggest career success? Around the Fall of 2013, Dave finally gave his career choices over to The Lord. When he fully surrendered, The Lord directed his path to C12. Biggest career success was submitting to The Lord’s will. Good things happened AFTER submission.


  • [19 min 03 sec] Time where you were confused about which career path God wanted you to take. As mentioned earlier, really thought he was supposed to go into full-time ministry after getting his Masters in Christian Counseling degree. Had 8-9 interviews after he graduated. Was a finalist in 3-4 of the opportunities. At each opportunity, the door would close right at the end. This is what made Dave angry. He wanted to serve, but God seemed to be preventing him from doing so. In retrospect, Dave now understands that 1) he still had pride issues, trying to serve God in his own power (he was running for God, but God didn’t want him to run for Him; rather, He wanted Dave to walk with Him), and 2) God was preparing Dave for the C12 role and the C12 role for Dave. Once Dave realized that his title didn’t matter but that he was to be Christ’s ambassador wherever he was in the marketplace, things started to click. In the Fall of 2013, it was as if God was telling Dave, “Now is the time.” This message came after Dave abandoned his own ideas regarding what his service should look like and submitted fully to God’s plans – whatever they may be.
  • [22 min 33 sec] How are you using your current career to impact others for Christ? C12 is an overtly Christian business which enables and empowers Christian business leaders to reach others for Christ through the marketplace. Last year, over 5,000 people came to Christ through C12 member companies. Over $250 million in donations flowed from C12 member companies to various ministries. Marriages saved, prodigal children coming home, and addictions being broken are some of the success stories. C12 is in the battle to bring revival to America through the workplace.
  • [26 min 31 sec] Have you ever had a challenge to your faith in the workplace? How did you react to it? Had a consulting/coaching practice. Had a Jewish client one time that he felt led to share the Gospel with. Client took offense. It was touch and go for awhile, but they worked through it. Dave explained to the client that he shared the Gospel because he loved him as a human being. The client understood.
  • [30 min 27 sec] #1 personal habit that drives career success. Quiet, “being still” time with The Lord. Prayer. Listening to God.
  • [31 min 45 sec] #1 business habit that drives career success. Continually educating himself on business. Be a life-long learner.
  • [33 min 14 sec] Productivity tool. Fully integrated customer relationship management software (CRM). C12 uses Hubspot. Also, being able to type. Dayone journaling software.
  • [36 min 58 sec] What three things would you recommend to a business owner to do in order to be successful: 1) Pray about the business to make sure it is part of God’s will for your life. 2) Plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Have contingency plans in place. 3) Have a real, measureable business plan and gauge your progress regularly.
  • [39 min 01 sec] #1 book (besides the Bible) that you would recommend. Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God by Henry Blackaby. Helped him understand that the question is NOT, “God, what do you want me to do?” but rather, “God, where are you already working, and how do you want me to fit into that effort?” God is always at work. We just need to ask Him to plug us into the work He is already doing.
  • [41 min 13 sec] Advice for high school seniors. Understand what you are good at, and then find employment that utilizes your strengths. This is a good starting point. God will direct your path as you move forward in life, and He will move you around to the special missions He has for you when the timing is right. While walking the path, continually acquire skills that complement your strengths. It takes ten times more effort to try to improve on someone’s weaknesses than it does to help them flourish in their strengths.
  • [43 min 31 sec] Best way to connect with you. www.c12group.com. Email: david.gullotti@c12group.com

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