A Better Future for Freelancer Founders | Interview with Rachel Renock


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Rachel is the co-founder and CEO of Wethos, a platform that is transforming how freelancers find work, do work and earn a sustainable income.

There are many things that make Wethos different from other freelancing platforms and networks, including their focus on working within teams, winning large contracts and how Wethos pays their freelancers. What Rachel and her team are building truly is revolutionary, and it makes me even more excited for the future of work.

In this episode we cover:

  • The challenges and limitations of how the freelancing economy typically works for creative professionals
  • How Wethos is disrupting the industry by creating a platform that allows freelancers to work as teams on bigger, higher-paying projects
  • What makes Rachel most excited about the future of work, and how Wethos is both creating and adapting to it

Check out the full show notes for more info, a transcript and links to resources: https://www.jenniferspoelma.com/podcast-feed/rachel-renock

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