How to Handle the Whiners, Complainers and Slackers at Work


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Complainers / whiners

  1. Don't fuel the fire
  2. End conversations to get to it
  3. Re-direct the conversation, get back on track
  4. Is there a root cause you could solve for?
  5. Come to Jesus conversation, is this the right role?
  6. Ask the whiner what their solutions would be
  7. Spin to a positive
  8. Call them out
  9. Sell them on the opportunity
  10. Set expectations
  11. See if they have voiced the concerns to their leader
  12. Let them know you heard them
  13. Can you find common ground with non work topics?
  14. If its impacting you, be honest about it
  15. Add positive, uplifting people to your day
  16. Avoidance
  17. Ask if they are looking for input / advice / guidance


  1. Communicate
  2. Set clear expectations
  3. Set regular check ins / status updates
  4. Offer to help with any roadblocks / questions
  5. Share how their work impacts you / the team
  6. Their lack of work is not your responsibility
  7. You don't need to cover for them all the time
  8. Be honest and blunt
  9. Have a candid conversation with leadership
  10. Focus and prioritize / stay the course
  11. Don't let it get you down, stay positive and motivated
  12. Use them as a don't lesson
  13. This is not an opportunity to pick up bad habits
  14. Don't become a complainer about your slacker
  15. Limit your yes's to work that doesn't involve that person
  16. Ask yourself, does this impact me? For real?
  17. Is this person ok?
  18. Their work does not become your work
  19. Could be an opportunity to shine

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