#228) Two Resume Writers Discuss Why Your Resume Isn't Enough | Lezlie Garr


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Today I brought on Lezlie Garr. If you’re at a point in your job search where you’re asking ‘why am I still not getting any interviews even after making this darn good resume?’ then take a seat back and listen to this episode! We’ve got all kinds of techniques and strategies lined up for today’s episode.

Lezlie is a Master Resume Writer and Career Transition Coach who helps values-driven professionals shift out of soul-sucking jobs and into meaningful work that aligns with their principles


She works with top-performers and high-achievers who are truly dedicated to improving the people and operations around them. Her goal is to empower job seekers with the clarity and confidence they need to skyrocket their job search and boldly step into the next chapter of their careers.

So as you can see, Lezlie is going to be just awesome, and this episode is going to really help you understand how to have a positive, holistic job search from the resume to your networking strategy.


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