#27) Dating, Relationships, and Emotional Health | Emily Griffiths


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About This Episode:

Today we’re delving into the romantic / dating world. As Career Warriors, I think it’s so important to discuss this topic, because our relationships (and even our dating life) can be so heavily tied into our careers--as well as mental health.

A Harvard study followed 268 undergraduates for 75 years, regularly collecting data on various aspects of their lives. This was the Triumphs of Experience: The Men of the Harvard Grant Study. The study found that loving relationships are most important for meaning and happiness. Even individuals with successful careers and good physical health were not fulfilled without loving relationships.

So, we’re are going to talk about some really cool things during this episode:

  • Things like...taking care of yourself while you are in the dating world -- when you may be in a job search or trying to crush it at work.
  • We’ll touch upon confidence and the emotions involved in this process.
  • And we’re going to talk about the hottest topic ever: online dating. Love it or hate it -- it’s part of the dating landscape now, and we’re covering that too.

Emily Griffiths is making her second appearance on the Career Warrior Podcast. Emily is a licensed therapist here in Austin and is an expert in helping us deal with many of the emotional challenges in our lives. I met her because she is a mentor at Capital Factory, where she helps founders, CEOs manage the emotional side of their entrepreneurial journey. She’s a rockstar, she’s also excited to have this conversation with you guys.

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Questions we address:

Why is love so important in people’s lives?

  • Can’t I just get away with being that wealthy billionaire CEO?
  • Why is dating and relationships tied in so closely to mental health?

Heart of the Content: Finding Love, Emotions, and Online Dating:

What are the best practices in self-care during dating process?

  • Best way to keep energy and mood up?
  • What are some classic mental health mistakes that people make in their love and dating life?

Confidence is such an important thing in dating. Like it’s not even funny...

  • How can you boost that dating confidence?
  • And how can you regain it if you completely lost it or never had it in the first place?

“I keep putting myself out there over and over again. And keep getting no results.” Let’s talk to this person.

  • What would you say to this person on how they can manage lack of success in their dating lives?

“I don’t have time for any of this.” Let’s talk about that excuse (especially one that our career people will be encountering).

  • How would you respond to a person who is motivated yet has this excuse?

The nuances of online dating. I think it would be cool if we launched into a mini-discussion about ONLINE dating and why it’s so darn difficult for a lot of people.


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