#42) Communicating with Confidence | Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss Discuss Tone, Body Language, and Crutch Words


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Today, we’re going to discuss the most underrated career advice ever -- and that’s communicating with confidence. So many of us are focusing on the words that we say in communication -- whether that be an interview, negotiation, or just an everyday conversation with your boss.

But what many of us forget is the way we deliver those words.

  • Does our body match what we are trying to say?
  • Do we appear unsure of what we are trying to say?
  • Do we appear confident?

We are going to cover it all with two amazing experts within the world of corporate communication.

With 45+ years of combined experience, Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss are the founders of Rock Dot Voss, a communications agency that helps companies and C-level executives to produce results.

  • Clients claim Jennifer Rock is: "Calm and organized even in absolute chaos." And previously, Jennifer led Employee Communications teams and programs at Best Buy.
  • Clients call Michael Voss: "Every exec's trusted collaborator,” and Michael also worked for Best Buy as Senior Director of Employee Communication.

Both Jennifer and Michael are authors of Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S. Incorporated Novel. The fiction tale includes workplace romances and corporate fiascos all in one, which we will discuss at the end of this podcast.

Here's what we cover:

Setting the Stage:

  • Let’s talk about where this advice is going to be applicable. Does this type of communication matter apply to 1-on-1 situations?
  • Why is body language so important?

Heart of the Content:

Some areas of nonverbal communication that we cover:

  • Tone of Voice
  • Body Language
  • Gestures
  • Eye Contact
  • Crutch Words

The format:

  • What is the biggest mistake that people are making in the area?
  • Contrast this with how people should be communicating.
  • Are there any techniques, exercises, or hacks that can get people improving in each area?

Resources from the podcast:

Get Operation Clusterpuck here: https://www.amazon.com/Operation-Clusterpuck-B-S-Incorporated-Novel/dp/1634891716

Find out more about Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss' work at RockDotVoss.com

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