Anosognosia, Denial or Disease?


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Sharon Hall will be joined by Rebekah Wilson, MSW (, to discuss what makes families scratch their heads and be resentful, anosognosia. When someone is diagnosed with FTD, they often say there is nothing wrong with them, you are just trying to make them sick. They insist they can drive, grocery shop, work, and be totally independent. Yet, they have accidents, bring home only cookies from the store, get fired due to someone else's fault, and leave the front door wide open when they leave the house. We will discuss this weird word, anosognosia, and give advice on how to work around it when you have an FTDer who is "just fine" and will not give up driving, independence, or applying for jobs.We will realistically discuss what "might" work and definitely discuss what will "never" work.

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