EP 01 - Lupe Ojeda, Chief Nursing Officer


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While every healthcare professional plays a vital and irreplaceable role when providing care, you may find that you can make a greater impact when working in management. Today we speak with Lupe Ojeda, Chief Nursing Officer, who began her career as a nurse on the frontline of healthcare delivery. Early in our conversation, Lupe shares how her passion for healthcare developed as she looked after her father and saw the difference that nurses can make in a patient’s life. We then dive into her start as a nurse and how she continued her education while working. Despite the challenge of working and studying, Lupe highlights the good example that this set for her children and that this extra work unlocked success later in life. We ask Lupe about her first management position and she gives listeners advice on being noticed and opening yourself up for career advancement. A key theme of this episode, Lupe discusses why leadership and management are learned skills and that good management seeks to provide patients with the best possible care. Near the end of the episode, Lupe touches on the worst and best advice that she’s been given and how she stays mentally and physically healthy. Tune in to hear more of Lupe Ojeda's incredible insights.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Hear how Lupe’s passion for healthcare began and her goal to be “that one nurse.”

• How the pandemic has caused a shift in how people see nursing and essential work.

• Lupe’s start in the medical profession and pursuing further education.

• The powerful benefits of working while attending school.

• Unlocking more opportunities through education.

• Practical steps that you can take to move into management roles.

• Aiming to improve the quality of patient care however you can.

• Finding your ‘knack’; there are many different management streams.

• Not letting your years spent as a nurse define your path to success.

• Why management and leadership are skills that anyone can learn.

• What a typical day as a Chief Nursing Officer looks like.

• Lupe’s advice for communicating with your nursing management team.

• Hear the best and worst pieces of advice that Lupe has ever been given.

• How Lupe stays mentally and physically healthy, even when losing patients.
Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
LA Downtown Medical Center - https://ladowntownmc.com/

East Los Angeles College - https://www.elac.edu/

Pepperdine University - https://www.pepperdine.edu/

The Joint Commission Standards - https://www.jointcommission.org/standards/

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