EP 02 - Trinity Goodman, COVID-19 Travel Nurse


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Nurses, being the largest sector of healthcare workers in every country, play such a vital role during a global pandemic. Today we speak with Trinity Goodman, an ICU nurse whose passion for healthcare developed at a young age. During her childhood, Trinity spent a significant amount of time in hospitals while she looked after her mother, a domestic violence survivor who underwent multiple surgeries. This experience inspired Trinity to pursue her nursing career. Her passion to help people eventually led her to travel to multiple states to help fight the pandemic and treat coronavirus patients. In April 2020, she worked in New York City when it was the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States. She also went to Texas, where personal protective equipment was extremely scarce. Trinity shares her insights on what it is like as a nurse fighting in the frontlines during the coronavirus. Trinity also reveals the best advice that she has been given and how she manages to handle her busy career while completing her Master’s program and still taking care of herself and her relationships. Tune in to hear more of Trinity Goodman’s remarkable story and insights.

Key Points From This Episode:
• Trinity studied nursing in Berea College in Kentucky.

• Hear how her mother’s domestic violence situation drew Trinity into the medical field.

• Trinity’s passion for the ICU.

• The pandemic inspired her and her friends to travel to New York and Texas to treat coronavirus patients, which was an exhausting but amazing experience.

• How FEMA contacted a company to contract nurses during the pandemic.

• How compartmentalizing helped her get through everything.

• The devastating effects of coronavirus and how different the situations were between New York and Texas.

• How nurses had to handle situations with little or no equipment.

• The militaristic routine she and fellow nurses went through every day.

• How the pandemic was the best and worst thing that has happened to Trinity, changed the trajectory of her career, and gave her a purpose in life.

• Her emotional attachment to Rachel Platten – Fight Song, which was played at her hospital celebrating each time a patient successfully came off a ventilator.

• Trinity is completing her Master of Nursing-Nurse Practitioner program while working during the pandemic.

• Information about her new website and podcast: Intubated and Sedated

• Hear the best piece of advice that Trinity has ever been given.
Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
Trinity Goodman – Personal Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/trinitydall/?hl=en

Berea College, Berea, Kentucky - https://www.berea.edu/

Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri - https://www.maryville.edu/

FEMA - https://www.fema.gov/

Intubated and Sedated - Website - https://www.intubatedandsedated.com/
Intubated and Sedated – Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/intubatedandsedatedpodcast/?hl=en

NBC Lex18 Article Covering Trinity’s Time in NYC - https://www.lex18.com/news/coronavirus/kentucky-nurse-working-in-nyc-hospital-battling-covid-19?

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