EP 03 - Tanya Damron (Assistant Director of Nursing) and David Damron (Charge Nurse, IABP Life Flight Team Lead)


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It doesn’t matter how far you are into your career, you can always further your education. The key thing is to stop waiting and just go for it.
This insight comes from today’s conversation with nursing power couple Tanya and David Damron. A tale of opposites attracting, we talk about how Tanya and David first met before exploring their respective roles as Assistant Director of Nursing (Tanya) and Charge Nurse and IABP Life Flight Team Lead (David).
We then dive into why Tanya and David pursued their Bachelor degrees while at a midpoint in their careers and how they managed their studies while working. After reflecting on how they landed their positions, we touch on the lessons that they’ve learned along the way. We discuss what they do to help their patients, with Tanya shedding light on the value of hospices and how they’re an often misunderstood niche of the medical industry. We ask Tanya and David for their top advice and their answers highlight the importance of teamwork, communication, and learning from your mistakes.
Near the end of the episode, we explore the future of medicine and how learning about other healthcare fields can be as easy as picking up the phone.
Tune in to hear more of Tanya and David’s incredible story.
Key Points From This Episode:

• How Tanya and David met, and their experience of working together.

• Hear which superpowers today’s guests would choose.

• Why Tanya and David pursued their Bachelor’s degrees in nursing.

• How they managed to attain their degrees while working.

• The benefit of getting your Bachelor's degree; “You can work anywhere.”

• Exploring Tanya and David’s respective roles at their facilities.

• David shares the top lessons that he’s picked up throughout his career.

• Why Tanya chose to further her career within the hospice care field.

• What a typical day looks like for Tanya and David.

• Maintaining honest working relationships by communicating with management.

• Dave and Tanya give listeners their best advice on teamwork and learning from mistakes.

• Reflections on the future of nursing and the healthcare industry.

• What you can do to learn more about hospice work.

• We summarize our key takeaways from our conversation with David and Tanya.
Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Intermountain Healthcare - https://intermountainhealthcare.org/

Home Health and Hospice for Utah - https://hospice4utah.com/

Life Flight Network - https://www.lifeflight.org/

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