EP 04 - Christy Davis, CRNA and CEO of Tip Top Anesthesia Group


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To be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, or CRNA, you have to consistently be at the top of your game. You are required have to the best skillset and to be able to manage any type of emergency. CRNA’s don’t have the opportunity to fail and always have to function at their best. Today on CareHero Podcast, we have a fantastic guest: Christy Davis from the Tip Top Anesthesia Group. Christy is a CRNA, a CEO, and a supermom. She has some great information and tips to share with everybody, including how traveling abroad can lead to finding your passion and how seeing a gap in the market and finding a way to fill it can lead to an amazing new business venture. She also touches on the importance of networking and staying on top of your game, and how she has made this a priority in her career. Stay tuned for tip-top tips from Christy Davis, all on today’s episode!
Key Points From This Episode:

• The one superpower Christy would have if she had one: Invisibility.

• CRNA: What it is and what they do.

• How Christy got into the healthcare world.

• We hear about her eye-opening trip to Guatemala.

• Her lightbulb moment that changed her direction towards becoming a CRNA.

• Factors influencing her decision between CRNA, MBA, and nurse practitioner.

• How Christy founded Tip Top Anesthesia Group.

• The role networking plays in the continuing growth of her business.

• Tips for nurses who aren’t strong at networking.

• The pressure of being a CRNA and the crucial factor of constantly being on top of your game.

• The CRNA versus M.D Anesthetists experience and how it influences the job.

• A typical day for a CRNA, CEO supermom: Chaotic.

• Tips for someone who wants to start their own business or private practice.

• Christy describes two inspiring moments she’s encountered during her career.

• How Christy fosters the culture within her organization: It’s a family.

• How best to work and communicate with facility management.

• The best piece of advice Christy has ever received: Be available and present.

• How Christy is managing and balancing personal and professional life during the pandemic.

• The future of CRNAs according to Christy.
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