EP 05 - Kevin Knoblock, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Scientist


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There are so many opportunities that come with having a nursing qualification. You are not only confined to bedside or outpatient nursing. You can use your qualification to work in research, administration, or pharmaceuticals, like today’s guest, Kevin Knoblock. As a nurse practitioner at Massachusetts General Hospital and a clinical scientist at AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Kevin has had a diverse professional journey. In today’s episode, we hear about the wide-ranging path Kevin has walked and how a range of qualifications has led to improvements in all his professional roles. We talk about some obstacles he faces in administration, where he stresses the importance of working in an integrated – rather than siloed – way. Kevin emphasizes the importance of staying at the top of your game if you work in healthcare. It is not the kind of career where you leave your work at work; it’s a lifestyle. Having been on both the management and clinical sides of healthcare, Kevin has excellent insights on communicating with those in administration. After sharing them, we also touch on the best advice he has received, his work with the non-profit, Human Rights Campaign, and why you should never underestimate the power of kindness. Tune in to hear more!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Why Kevin would choose flying as his superpower if he could.

• Kevin’s diverse academic and professional background and the roles he has had.

• Advice for those who are considering following the same path as Kevin.

• Hear about Kevin’s journey as a nurse practitioner and what the role entails.

• What gastroenterology involves.

• How Kevin came to work in his role as a clinical scientist at AMAG Pharmaceuticals.

• The biggest challenges Kevin faces in his administrative role.

• Top tips on dealing with the administrative burden that many in clinical practice dread.

• How Kevin stays on top of his learning in the fast-moving healthcare world.

• Navigating communication with management and Kevin’s advice on how to approach it.

• One of the standout moments from Kevin’s career as a nurse practitioner.

• How having Crohn’s disease has helped Kevin be a better listener.

• What Kevin would do to change healthcare in America if he could.

• The best advice Kevin has been given and his favorite compliment he has received.

• Kevin’s involvement with the Human Rights Campaign and what the organization does.

• What's in store for nurse practitioners in the future.

• Final words from Kevin: Always be positive and kind!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Massachusetts General Hospital

AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Human Rights Campaign
MGH Institute of Health Professions
University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management
Harvard University, Extension School
Boston University
Human Rights Campaign

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