EP 00 - Introducing CareHero Podcast!


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Welcome to Episode Zero of CareHero Podcast, a podcast designed to supercharge the careers of nurses and other healthcare professionals! In this episode you’ll meet your hosts, Gerard Hernandez and Martin Hui, hear about their experience in the world of healthcare, and learn what you can expect from this show in future episodes. Gerard and Martin talk about what motivated them to start CareHero Podcast and their goal to interview guests across a wide spectrum of careers in healthcare so that you can apply the skills their guests share to your own personal and professional growth. As you’ll hear today, knowledge is power, so be sure to tune in going forward and partake in the wealth of information you’ll learn in future episodes!

Key Points From This Episode

• Why does CareHero Podcast exist? What can listeners expect from this podcast going forward?

• Introducing our hosts, Gerard and Martin, their work in healthcare, and why they started a podcast about nursing career development.

• How much Gerard and Martin learned in their own lives from networking and listening to podcasts about career development.

• Discussing the wide spectrum of guests in different nursing positions CareHero Podcast plans to interview.

• How often our CareHero listeners can expect new episodes to come out.

• The wide applicability of our content to all healthcare professionals, beyond nurses.

• The idea that knowledge is power; the notion that half an hour or less with us could improve your career forever.

• A reminder to share CareHero Podcast, visit our website at www.careheropodcast.com, subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and give us a review!
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