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Agents, are you worried about Zillow running you out of business? You shouldn’t be. We’re going to show you EASY ways to outrank them in Google with content, credibility, and Carrot. Skip ahead to 27 minutes to get the juicy details and head over to YouTube to catch the replay of this week’s LIVE Ask Carrot. Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook, YouTube, or 9:30 “Trevor, how can I get into real estate investing with limited funds?” 13:00 Brian Rockwell's story of transitioning from school teacher to a successful investor 27:00 How to control the conversation around your brand online with “The Content Bullseye” 30:00 Hacking Google: how to use suggested search terms to find your niches 34:00 Deconstructing Zillow’s entire online strategy Mentioned in this episode: From Teacher to $80k/Month Wholesaling Real Estate in a Competitive Market With 100% Online Leads w/ Carrot Client Brian Rockwell:

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