EP 160: 200+ Deals Per Year From Texas to Hawaii | Multi-State Investing Strategies Unveiled w/ Cassi DeHaas & RJ Bates


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Are you struggling to compete in a flooded market? Find out how you can stand out, branch out, and take that next big step in scaling your business. RJ and Cassi are wholesalers from Dallas, TX who have done deals in over 25 states and are growing at a rapid pace. You’ll hear their marketing tactics, Facebook ad strategies, apps & tools, and how they bake purpose into their business to find fulfillment doing what they love! Follow our Guest: RJ & Cassi's Carrot Site: http://www.titaniumprops.com/ Titanium Investments on Facebook: https://bit.ly/31sqjnm RJ Bates on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RJBATESIII Cassi DeHaas on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cassi.dehaas Mentioned in this Episode: https://www.quickbase.com/ https://gsuite.google.com/ https://www.yellowletterhq.com/ https://calltools.com/ https://gusto.com/

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