3 Keys You Need To Know for PPC in 2019 w/ our in-house PPC expert, Brendan Holmes - Ask Carrot 18


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If you’re spending money on Pay Per Click (Google ads) to drive leads to your website, you need to make sure that you’re (1) not wasting money on bad clicks and (2) actually converting those clicks into leads and deals. On this live replay, Brendan breaks down his best practices for those getting started in PPC: The pros and cons of Google Smart Campaigns, How to structure your keywords, and how to build credibility. Watch the replay on YouTube and catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or Carrot.com/ask 10:00 Trends Brendan sees with PPC: 14:00 Throwing away leads and leaving money on the table because they’re not local to you. 18:35 The Pros and Cons of using Google Smart Campaigns. How it might be costing you more money than you think. 26:00 The biggest mistakes in PPC and how to structure your keywords 36:00 How to calculate your budget for PPC 44:30 The #1 Thing you need to nail down before paying for PPC: Your about page. 51:00 What’s a good cadence or maintenance plan for my campaign & The problem with #1 or #2 spot in Google 58:00 “Have you experimented with YouTube ads?” Mentioned in this episode: The most important page on your website: https://carrot.com/blog/most-overlooked-but-important-page-on-your-website/ How to calculate your max cost-per-lead: https://carrot.com/blog/max-cost-per-lead/ Carrot’s PPC report: https://carrot.com/ppc-report/

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